Spam Tester Usage for Better Email Delivery

How Does a Spam Test Improve Your Email Delivery?

There is a rule in email marketing deliverability: before sending the newsletter, be sure to check the letter for spam. All marketing research of the target audience, segmentation, work on the text and design will be lost if your newsletter does not reach the subscriber.

Email Deliverability Test with Email Spam Checker

All the effort put into creating content for an email delivery campaign is pointless if the emails don’t reach the recipients in the format they want. Therefore, be sure to check the mailings before submitting them. To do this, use the preview in the email service, test the adaptability of the letter, passing the SPAM filters of email providers. 

What Does an Email Spam Checker Do?

Using an email checker you will see the results of the check for such parameters:

  • evaluation of html and text version of the letter;
  • domain check: SPF, DKIM, DMARK;
  • checking the content of the letter: weight, the ratio of pictures and test, links.
  • checking domain and IP in blacklists;
  • broken links.

Discover your email deliverability rate

If you have more than 10,000 subscribers in your database, then be sure to conduct an A / B test. To select the most effective subject line and sender name, compare the open statistics in the test. Test each hypothesis separately to correctly interpret the result of your email deliverability rate.

Explore ways to improve email marketing deliverability

First, run your mailing list to make sure that all tags are correctly set, emoji or other elements of the letter are displayed correctly, etc. Then send the newsletter to the main database. Try to use the sender’s name that is understandable or familiar to the subscriber, and make the subject line interesting and, if appropriate, add a little intrigue. Just do not forget that the subject of the letter must be disclosed in the letter itself, otherwise, the subscriber may be disappointed and unsubscribe from you.

How does Folderly’s email spam checker work?

Folderly is a product of b2b lead generation company – Belkins and its functionality are much bigger than any other basic mail checker. It includes a set of in-depth features to have an analysis on your emails whether they are spam filters friendly and if no, Folderly gives you some advice on getting rid of the spam issues and advice on how to prevent them from arising and better email deliverability. All this is done automatically and with one click you can check the progress for every mailbox you are interested in apart from one another. Other features include:

  • When you began analyzing a mailbox you’ll see what needs to be improved or fixed and then a diagram of the process of its recovery;
  • The process of recovery can be stopped manually, while you can edit mailbox lists;
  • Folderly is a spam checking tool of a new generation so you’ll get recommendations after each analysis;
  • It is possible to add an unlimited number of mailboxes for your needs each and test them separately;

Folderly’s Mailbox Performance test includes the analysis of email marketing deliverability of your letters it’s also compatible with G-suite, iCloud, or any other platform which demonstrates that Folderly provides maximum flexibility and versatility test results of each mailbox. This prevents you from having a lot of different tools but one instead.

Spam Checker from Folderly gives you more than just results after each test, but individual recommendations and helpful tips to help you choose a way and method for your domain health’s improving. Folderly is not about coolie-cutter principle, you’ll be pointed out on actual areas which need improvement in a detailed review.

Assess the health of your domain

Mail providers take care of their customers and carefully monitor that no spam gets into their mailboxes. For this, self-learning algorithms have been created – anti-spam filters that check each incoming message. The algorithm of each service works in its own way and, of course, no one gives out the verification secrets. To increase the chances of your message ending up in your Inbox, use these rules:

  • Send letters through special mass mailing services.
  • Authenticate the domain – verify your rights to send from it. To do this, add SPF and DKIM records to the domain zone of the site.
  • Don’t typeset your letter with pictures only. The ratio of the picture and the text should be at least 50/50. And do not use pictures weighing more than 600 kV – the heavier your letter, the more chances you will not pass the filter.
  • You are not sending attachments. The spam filter cannot check its content and blocks such a message. Add the required document with a link.
  • Don’t forget to add the ability to unsubscribe from receiving emails from you.

After choosing Domain Health checker with Folderly you get a general overview of your domain health and a detailed list of errors. Apart from actions made for improving, do the regular checking of your email deliverability and your marketing will be just fine.

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