Sponsor a Child in Ukraine and Help the Orphan Community in Central Ukraine

In the Ukraine, 78% of the population is living in poverty. The country is one of the largest in Europe, but its economy suffered greatly after the dissolution of the Soviet Union. The poorest areas of rural Ukraine are populated by people who grow their own food, while the poorest urban areas employ several workers. The average monthly salary in Ukraine is only $140. With a sponsorship, you can provide this support for a child in need.


The HopeNowUSA is one of the best places to sponsor a child in Ukraine. This organization sponsors children in need in Ukraine with money, and its 100% Pledge Program offers many opportunities for kids to succeed.

New Hope Ukraine provides sponsorship opportunities to children in Ukraine, and there are more than eleven thousand orphans served by the organization. For $35 per month, you can sponsor a child. Your sponsorship will also fund a medical relief fund and family camp funds, as well as provide financial assistance to the families. The New Hope Ukraine Orphan Care program began in 2002 with a few orphans, and has grown to serve more than 1150 children across nine countries.

SOS Children’s Village

SOS Children’s Villages is a government-approved rehabilitation center in the Ukrainian city of Lviv. It is a place for children who have suffered from HIV and AIDS, and is dedicated to keeping them together in the family. It also offers advice and guidance to their parents. With your support, they can build their confidence and gain the skills they need to succeed in life. You can help a child in Ukraine today!

By sponsoring a child in Ukraine, you are assisting a child in need. The SOS Children’s Village Brovary is near Kiev and is well-connected to the public supply system. The village has a well-developed infrastructure and is surrounded by pine woods and a lake. It also has sports fields and is situated in a middle-class residential area. All of these factors make it a good location for a sponsored child.

Helping a child need

By sponsoring a child in Ukraine, you will be helping a child in need. The war in the eastern part of the country has displaced an estimated 1.8 million people and displaced 3.1 million. There is a high rate of unemployment, and the economy is suffering. The lives of hundreds of thousands of children are affected by the conflict in Eastern Ukraine. So, if you wish to help, consider sponsoring a child in Ukraine. You can donate a child or a whole classroom.

There are two ways to sponsor a child in Ukraine. The first is to give money to an organization. For example, if you can afford a sponsoring child, you can donate to the charity. By sponsoring a child, you’re helping them get education, access to health care, and much more. With this, you can make a real impact in their lives. You’ll be helping a child in need in Eastern Europe!

Donating to sponsor a child in Ukraine is an incredible way to make a difference in the life of a child. You can choose the amount of money to donate and how often you’d like to sponsor a particular child. You can make a monthly donation through HART’s website. You can also write directly to the orphan or send a picture. If you’d like to write a letter to a child in Ukraine, you can do it through HART’s Child Sponsor page.

Final Remarks:

In addition to sending money to an orphanage in Ukraine, you can also sponsor a child in the Ukraine. The country’s conflict has affected the lives of families in the region. In 2015, fighting in eastern Ukraine began. As a result, unemployment and poverty rates rose. Basic goods and utilities have also increased in price. Because of the conflict, many families are struggling to survive. If you would like to sponsor a child in Ukraine, please visit our website.

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