Spotting Bad SEO Advice

Tons of internet content is created every single second. In 2016, studies show that as many as 24 blogs were released every second. Among the most popular types of material is SEO advice. While much SEO advice is beneficial, there are some pieces of advice that you shouldn’t follow. There are ways to know what content is worth pursuing.

Pay attention to Data

Some sites show data. Others are vague in their information. Sites that are trustworthy often have links to third party sites that backup their claims. They may also have their own case studies. At the same time, some websites can provide data in a way that is dishonest. One way to decipher studies is to look at the sample size. Then there is the anecdotal nature of case studies in which the same methodology can yield different results depending on the individual sample.

Take Note of the Date

Given that things tend to change a lot, especially with SEO, it is essential to check the date of the advice. Sometimes, information that was good at a certain point can go wrong because of all of the changes that occurred with the internet. Check the dates. There should be a date of publishing or years for updates. If every date is hidden, then it is possible that some outdated information was intentionally published.

Take the Time to Read

A lot of articles have headlines that are meant to get attention. These are called clickbait. However, the reports do not always talk about the subject on the click bait. It is essential to read the article and find out what it is about. SEO articles often do have clickbait titles.

Watch Out for Promises

Given that there is no “one size fits all” answer to SEO, it is important for people to watch out for promises, especially those that imply quick results. While some strategies can work for many, they won’t work for everyone. Readers should especially watch out for any content that says to focus on one part of marketing.

Keep an Eye Out for Sponsorship

Many websites have sponsored content that can give you a clue as to the type of content that is being released. You can research the author and the company. Sponsored ads may not always be honest. Reading reviews of sponsored companies is a good way to find out if they’re legit.

Look into Evidence

The best thing for anyone to do when reading something is to complete their own research and find evidence either supporting or going against what they have learned. This will help figure out whether advice is good or bad.

Consider the Industry

Not all pieces of advice are relevant to every industry. Each industry has its own unique set of challenges. Therefore, when looking for SEO advice, it is best to specify the advice. For example, if you’re looking for advice for a law firm, make sure that the advice is coming from a legal marketing company

Look Through the Comments

Many articles have people that comment on them. Therefore, the best thing for a reader to do is read the comments. Often, they are going to find a few remarks with critical thinking that can provide the reader with more insights on how they can use SEO and other tactics for earning links. 

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