Starlink Costs and Reliability: What to Know Before Signing Up

Starlink promises high-speed, low-latency broadband all over the world. It offers residential and business services in Australia, delivering reliable high-speed internet access even in remote locations.

Starlink could be the perfect solution for faster speeds and lower latency rates with symmetric data transmission capabilities. But is this exceptional internet service as good as it sounds?

Let’s explore Starlink, how it works and where it’s available as we discuss the pros and cons to help you make a smart decision.

What is Starlink and How Does It Work?

Starlink works via a network of satellites in low earth orbit. The satellites transmit signals to user terminals on the ground, completing the connection when these terminals receive data via radio waves and decrypt it into usable internet service.

The Starlink satellites form a “mesh” network. When one satellite loses connection or has difficulties, other parts of the mesh can pick up the slack so that your connection remains strong and reliable.

Where is Starlink Available?

Starlink is currently available in most parts of Australia, with ground stations located in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland and Western Australia.

How to Connect to Starlink

To take advantage of Starlink’s services, you must purchase user terminals which come in two forms: mobile terminals for portability (ideal for people who travel often) or fixed antennas if you want a more permanent setup.

The antennas require power from an external source but are relatively easy to install and maintain on any surface area with clear line-of-sight access to the sky.

After installation, you will have your unique IP address, allowing you to connect directly to the global Starlink constellation.

What Are the Benefits of Starlink?

Low Latency and High Bandwidth

Starlink offers low latency rates compared with traditional terrestrial connections, which can take several hundred milliseconds depending on the distance. This low latency makes Starlink an ideal option for applications where quick response times are critical.

LEO satellites use high-frequency bands with shorter wavelengths to transmit data for faster transmission, better transmission quality and broader bandwidth.

Fast Data Transmission Speeds

Along with its global coverage capabilities, you can enjoy fast speeds of up to 100 Gbps and low latencies as low as 20 ms, making it ideal for streaming video content or playing online games without any lag.

Easy-to-setup User Terminal

Not only is the service high-speed, but it is also easy to set up. User terminals are relatively simple to install on any surface area with clear line-of-sight access to the sky.

Reachability in Remote Areas

Starlink’s global coverage means that even remote areas previously inaccessible by traditional services can now take advantage of this system.

Starlink could be perfect for connectivity on the move, whether at home or travelling around Australia.

What are its Potential Downsides?

When considering a new internet provider such as Starlink, weighing the pros and cons is vital.


One potential downside of this service is cost. While Starlink offers some attractive features, they come at a price, with user terminals costing anywhere from $300- $924 depending on the type you choose (mobile or fixed).

You must also factor in monthly subscription and maintenance costs.

Reliability Issues

Another potential area for improvement is reliability. Since the network relies on satellites orbiting around the earth to provide coverage, users could experience occasional disruptions due to inclement weather conditions or other external factors beyond their control.


Starlink is an excellent choice for reliable and high-speed internet access in Australia. With its low latency and high bandwidth capabilities, the service can provide fast data transmission speeds with reduced latency. Get in touch with a qualified electrician and enjoy an innovative solution regardless of your location.


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