Steps to become an Amazon Affiliate

Amazon associate, commonly known as the Amazon Affiliate program, allows affiliates (website owners, bloggers) to create links and earn money when customers click on their link and buy the Amazon products.

Although Amazon is a bit tricky to deal with, it offers excellent commission on the bundle of products. Its product categories include luxury beauty, luxury beauty stores, digital music, physical music, digital videos, women and Me’s fashion items, electronic devices, video game consoles, physical video games, gift cards, and many other things.

The highest commission is available on Luxury beauty luxury Stores Beauty and Amazon coin category, 10%. While no commission is given on promoting products such as gift cards, alcoholic beverages, and wireless service plans category.

But how to become an Amazon Affiliate is a question of many people. They want to promote Amazon products but don’t know how to do it. Don’t worry; I am going to discuss the steps to follow to become an affiliate on Amazon.

Build a Website or Blog:

There are numerous ways to promote Amazon products, like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, linked-in, etc. But having a website or blog is the most powerful and best option for affiliates.

If you already have an active website, it can be used for promotion. But if you are a beginner, you can build your website using WordPress or create from a website developer.

To create a website or blog, you will need three things: domain, hosting, and theme. Buy the domain and hosting and install WordPress in your Cpanel. After that, login to the dashboard, get a suitable WordPress theme to make your website look attractive. Install and activates the necessary plugins. Now your website or blog is ready to publish the content.

Make an Account on Amazon Official Website:

After the website creation, the next step is to make your account on the Amazon website. To do this, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Visit the Amazon associates homepage and click the sign-up option.
  • Enter your valid account information, including your name, address, and phone number.
  • Enter your website or blog address (URL)
  • After that, insert your store ID (Name of your website or blog), and Select the Amazon topics to which you will target.
  • Next, explain how you will drive traffic to your website or blog.
  • And at the end choose the payment method. By which you will receive the commission.

Create Amazon Affiliate Links:

Once your account is ready, and you will be directed to your home page. Now you can create affiliate links for the promotion of Amazon products.

  • Login to your Amazon account.
  • You will see two options quick links or browse for products; you can select any.
  • Find your products and click on the get link Link can be customized by just text, image, text and image, and other variations.
  • Before using the link on a post or article, check its preview. Now paste the association to the right place.


So I have shared the steps which will help you to become an Amazon affiliate. Prepare a plan and start working today. But remember, nothing is possible without hard work.

I hope this article will prove very helpful and effective for you.


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