Surface Treatment Process for Silicone Rubber Parts Manufacturing

In Silicone rubber parts manufacturing, the surface treatment process is very worth discussing. If enterprises can add these three elements to their products, they will greatly expand their market share! This also has positive implications for silicone manufacturing.

Now consumers have higher and higher requirements for products, products should not only have appearance level (good appearance), but also have connotation (functionality), but also environmental protection! 

Silicone product surface technology

In these three elements, the level of appearance is the most intuitive factor to attract consumers. The appearance level is closely related to the surface treatment process of the product. It can be seen that silicone manufacturing It has an important impact on various fields. Oxygen atoms on silicone surface were modified by plasma energy, and the silicone surface was changed into a positive electrode.

Silicone is a kind of heat-resistant rubber, that can withstand high temperatures, compared with other materials, silicone has biological compatibility characteristics, and is made of very durable products, suitable for food, medical and industrial industries. 

But silicone surface is easy to touch dust, manufacturers generally use chemical spraying method, to make silicone product surface dustproof and smoother, but this process is not only high cost but also affects the ecological environment, and harms human health.

How to deal with silicone rubber parts manufacturing

Silicone parts are an integral part of silicone manufacturing. Theoretically, there are oxygen atoms on the surface of silicone, with the negative electrode and static electricity, and dust particles with the positive electrode, so dust particles and silicone electrostatic surface can attract each other, so that the surface is dusty and difficult to clean, affecting the appearance and efficacy of the product. The relationship between silicone rubber parts manufacturing and the surface treatment process cannot be ignored either.

The RESEARCH team of THE PRODUCTIVITY Council (HKPC) has been working on a solution to the problem of silicone surface contamination. It has been found that plasma-assisted chemical vapor deposition (PECVD) has been successfully used to optimize the surface properties of the product.

Discussion on Silicone Manufacturing

Dr. Lo Wai-yin, the senior consultant of the Intelligent Manufacturing and Material Technology Division of the Council, pointed out that silicone is prone to dust due to static electricity, and manufacturers can only maintain the effect of dust-proof and lubricating coatings for a few months if they use traditional chemical coating methods.

The new method is to modify the oxygen atoms on the surface of silicone with plasma energy and change the negative silicone surface into a positive electrode. Silicone rubber parts manufacturing uses this new technology with impressive efficiency.

The process uses harmless organic chemicals, and will not discharge pollution waste, so it is a clean production process. It is suitable for high-grade products, such as eyeglass frames, watch straps, etc. It can also be used for medical equipment and sports products, making these products have better performance.


The significance of silicone part manufacturing is already obvious. Plasma surface treatment technology is suitable for fiber, polymer, plastic, or other materials, and can also be used in cleaning, acting, and etching the surface of the metal, plastic, and ceramic material parts, changing material surface physical characteristics. Silicone products dustproof environmental protection technology, which can effectively solve the problem of silicone electrostatic, easy to be stained with dust, prolong the life of products, is a kind of green surface treatment technology. It can be applied to all the silicone and related products.

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