SVG Images Made Easy – Learn to Create an SVG Image Without Coding

This tutorial presents a basic methodology for creating a SVG image without programming. It is intended to teach you to create an SVG with basic control over color, shape, lines, and text.

We’ll also cover the basics of how to animate an SVG file with ease and create simple effects you can use for web animation.

How to Create an SVG Image

You can use an online tool like SVGator to draw and export your SVG file. Or, if you already have Illustrator, you can create your SVG file using the advanced file conversion feature.

You can convert an SVG file into a flat file, an EPS file, or a PDF file, or create a cross-platform responsive animation by changing the background color or background transparent and change how the text loads from the right or left of the screen.

Animating an SVG

The first step in animating an SVG is to create your static SVG file in Illustrator or directly into SVGator.

Once your SVG is imported, the SVGator tools will do the rest. The tool has some amazing and powerful features that make it easy to animate your SVG.

Try out a couple of popular animated effects like slide, flip, wiggle, and shift to see what they’re capable of.

The tool’s Advanced Effects settings give you the power to transform your SVG file into a shape-based animation.

For example, you can change the color of an SVG by clicking on the shape tool, and then changing the red shape you created as the mouse cursor and then seeing the color change effect.

The SVGator tool also lets you duplicate the shape to scale it up and down, or shrink it, add particles, and much more.

Animating an SVG Vector

Once you’ve made a few experiments with the tool, you can turn your SVG into a looping or continuous animation by creating the shape outline.

This allows you to draw, blur, move, and resize your SVG.

Custom Functions

You can define your own custom functions in the Advanced Effects option, or create simple ones.

For example, you could assign a multiple-step keyframe function to the shape object. This would mean you could manipulate the shape just by dragging the shape.

Another simple effect that’s a lot of fun to use is the shape snapping feature.

This transforms your image into a reel animation with a moving shot. It makes it fun to have moving images in your designs, which you can define as specific events like the breaking of a piece of music, a falling object, and much more.

The tool is so powerful that it’s easy to forget that it’s simply a vector drawing tool.

Don’t be fooled. It’s powerful and unique enough to allow you to create a content-rich design experience that’s simple to use and well suited to your workflow.


This tutorial is intended to teach you how to create an SVG image in without having to know any coding. It is designed to showcase the power of SVG and demonstrate a few of its advanced features.

The app has the power to generate many different types of animations, but it’s easy to use so it’s suitable for a wide range of creative styles and the average creative person.

It’s a great tool for illustrators and designers that want to create content-rich design experiences with fun and engaging animations.

For beginners, there are a number of possibilities to generate interesting animations from images, though you do have to write code to do this.

You can use it with CSS for simpler transformations.

SVGator can also be used to create a couple of popular images, like Mickey Mouse, which you can animate in an interesting way to communicate the feelings and emotions of an animated design.

However, there are also a number of uses for the vector format for web developers.

Since a browser can understand it natively, you can create effects and content from the tool like sliders and infinite scrolling.

What do you think? Are you planning to use a tool like the SVGator Tool? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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