The 10 reasons to buy an ebike

A city bike, a folding bike, or maybe a fat bike? Electric bikes from this point of view are like normal bikes: there are many types. To understand which one is best for you, think about what you will need. Will you need it to go to work, or maybe to go shopping? In this case the most suitable model is a city bike, with fender, luggage basket, and a low-step frame.

Instead, will you use it mainly to do longer “rides” on the weekend, or perhaps real cycle tourism, with trips lasting several days and hundreds of kilometers? Then it will be better to turn to specific trekking models, also equipped with large lithium batteries so as not to remain dry in the middle of the day.

Lately electric fat bikes have become a ‘must’, to reach the younger audience; they are very captivating vehicles to look at, which give their best on uphill dirt roads. Other models that can be very useful, especially for commuters who want to take the bike on the train or on a bus, are the folding ones.

Finally, have the distinction between pedal assisted electric bikes and electric mopeds clear in mind, and make sure that the vehicle you are considering can legally circulate on roads and cycle paths.

How long will it be along the route on which you will use the electric bicycle most often?

Is it a few kilometers long, for example less than 10, and flat? In this case, any electric bike is fine, and you can also buy an inexpensive model with a small battery. Do you think instead of pedaling for many tens of kilometers in a row? Then it is necessary to spend a little more to ensure a quality bike, both in mechanical and electrical components, starting with an excellent lithium battery, which does not leave you alone several kilometers from home. To help you, this is the best budget electric bike!

What characteristics will the typical path have?

Will there be several climbs on the route where you will use the electric bike? Excellent, it is precisely in these cases that the electric bike can give you a great hand. However, keep in mind that the autonomy of an electric bike battery decreases a lot when you have to tackle hills. Also in this case, therefore, it is better to aim for models with large capacity lithium batteries.

Electric bike here are the 10 reasons to buy it

– Because cycling is fun! After all, you are a bit like a child on the bike again!!

– Because the electric bike takes you quickly to any place! Without limitations

– Because it’s good for your body! With the electric bike you do a healthy physical activity in the open air and maybe do it while you go to work

– Because it’s good for the planet! No harmful emissions is the Green means of mobility par excellence

– Why cycling is fashionable! This is perhaps the reason for much less useful…

– Because you save petrol! It is calculated that on average a scooter or city car for the “Work-Home and vice versa” journey only consumes 50 to 100 dollars per month in fuel

– Because you save tax and insurance! With an electric bike, insurance is not mandatory (we recommend it anyway) and in any case the cost of a complete policy for ebike costs a maximum of 100 dollars.

– Why don’t you pay for the Parking! With the use of the bike you can save on average from 40 to 100 dollars per month of parking

– Why don’t you pay the toll or transit in the restricted traffic areas! Other pennies that you can save every day if you buy an electric bike

– Because it’s good for the mind! It improves our mood and is a phenomenal stress reliever

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