The Astras For A Happy Life – Execution Is Brahmastra

With Brahmstra vibes all around the cinema world, a quick thought appeared in our mind: how great will it be to use the trendy words ‘Astras’ and ‘Brahmastra’ to create a title that catches your attention. And if you are reading this right now, we have succeeded! 

People talk a lot about lifestyle these days and even brands set up their promotions on ‘lifestyle’ as it attracts the attention of masses. While there are so many bifurcations of lifestyle, the one that most people pay the least attention to is the happy life. 

We have thoughtfully mentioned the ways and habits that let your soul experience a happy lifestyle and we hope you love the powers. 

Dear Mate; Meditate!

Medication is what people have to choose unwillingly under the circumstances after going through daily life hectic and bad situations. While it is not possible to dodge the problem that life comes with, it is within you to have a control on the bad effects. Meditation is the best Astra to keep the terms like depression and anxiety away from your life. Get up a little early and find some dedicated time at a silent space to meditate. You will need to find your button and for that, you need practice not any ‘Isha’.

Celebrations Creates Moments Of Happiness

Being born in a middle class family, it is quite a reality that we refrain from celebrating smaller occasions and reasons of happiness to create more moments of happiness. Life is fair to all in different ways and serves moments where little efforts of you can lift up your mood for many days to come. You can celebrate Daughter’s Day with a delicious Daughters Day Cake and that’s one of many occasions that you can pick to instill the vibes of gaiety. Just like Shiva, the protagonist, celebrates and enjoys little moments with friends and the orphan kids in his Chawl. And that we call ‘Khushi Astra’.

Self Treat At Times

Our dependence on other people for our happiness is the real reason for our sorrows! You can’t fully ignore what happens around you and how your relationships are going with your dear ones, but at times, you need to make efforts that will treat you well to the core of your soul. You can treat your tummy with decadent Bakingo Cakes, you can upgrade your wardrobe, or you can get a new game to play. Doing such little things from time to time will keep you happy and satisfied.

Forgiveness Powers You

The real problem that today’s generation has is to carry the grudges for long. Relationships serve a dose of companionship to the journey of life but grudges push you to break them. If only you can learn to forgive people, you will be free from the thought of anger and you will create more space for the happiness in your and others life. Wise people have said in their times that one who can forgive is the one who can admire the gift of life in real essence. 

Self Realization

What does that mean? We surely are not suggesting you to realize what Astra are you, but to realize about your doing before pointing out someone. We all point out the mistakes of people very easily and without a second thought. Just for a time, before you judge anyone or point a finger at, think, have you done something like that. It will help you unknowingly in ways that you can’t imagine. Mohan Bhargava realized his motive as he decided to stay in India in ‘Swades’ and went on to be the guardian of Vaanar Astra.

While these ways, that we call ‘Astras’ of happiness are result-oriented, you can only experience the aura of these by practicing and executing them in your life continuously and that will take you the ‘Brahmastra’. 

Life is a story just like movies and the way you react to the situations keeps the story going. You need to push everyday and you need to make habits that serve entertainment of smiles, laughs, happiness, calmness, and inner satisfaction.

With that being said, we think we have said a lot. And we know that today is the time of fast and crisp entertainment.

So, पुनर्दर्शनाय, नमस्ते, au revoir!

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