The best farming practices and solutions

As we all know that farming is the most important process of working in the ground, planting seeds, growing the crops and after all this hard work is selling the crops in the market for gaining some profit. Well, farming doesn’t stay up to plants. It also includes farming of animals for getting milk, meat, eggs and whatnot. This is also known as farming, but it is commonly known as animal farming. Farming is one of the most necessary industries in the country. If you take the example of India, then farming is the most profitable and one of the fastest-growing industries of all time. It is the place best for the people who want to do agro-business in the country.

Types of farming

If you consider India, there are various farming types that you can do here without any kind of trouble. Here are the lists regarding the different types of farming in India.

  • Primitive subsistence- talking about primitive farming is one of the most ancient farming practices being followed in India. This is one of the best farming solutions if you don’t want to sell the crops to outsiders. These grown crops are usually fresh and very organic, which helps each and every person of the farmer’s family maintain proper health.
  • Commercial agriculture- commercial agriculture is the most famous farming method which is getting practised in the country. In this method, the farmer grows the crops to sell to gain the maximum profit possible. For commercial farming, you need a big part of the land in which you can grow a huge number of crops in the market to get more profits. It is the best farming solution if you are planning to gain more profits from farming.
  • Wet farming- well, wet farming means doing farming in the area where you receive the highest rainfall in the country. Wet farming is very much popular in the northeast and the southern part of the country. You can grow a variety of fruits and crops that requires a high amount of water for production. Getting the wetlands helps the crops to grow in the best quality.
  • Mixed agriculture- as the name suggests itself, you can grow various crops on a single piece of land. By doing this type of farming, one can get a humongous amount of profit, and doing mixed farming usually increases the productivity of the land. By using fewer resources, one can easily do mixed farming.

Crop protection

Well, talking about crop protection means protecting the crops from different types of unknown and known problems that can damage the crops. There are various types of pests in the surrounding area that are available in nature to damage your plants and crops. Crop protection is a must if you want to do a greater amount of crop production. By doing crop protection, you can increase the amount of production, which your farm usually does. As the pests and insects damage the crop we get a less amount of production output and a less or very negligible amount of profits. Using pesticides is the best farming solution in today’s date.

Solutions of farming

If you are facing some of the problems while doing farming so let me tell you that there are many websites and software available on the internet and market which will help to guide you through the problem which you are facing regarding the modern ways and many tips through which you can do a proper utilization of the available resource which you have with you. The available software helps you get a proper record and growth of your crops compared to the previous time of year. The farmers can take the best farming solution ideas for the production and growth of their crops.

The websites or applications will guide you regarding the proper amount of hydroponic fertilizer and the proper number of pesticides,stored in ibc totes, to use without damaging the crops. Many government programs are also there in which the farmers can get instant bits of help and guidance from the expert to guide you through the best farming solutions and increase the productivity of your farm.


Doing farming is not an easy job at all. You have to give your 100% while doing it. There are many problems present which you can face while farming. You have to take care of different types of products such as fertilizers and pesticides before using them. After doing the immense amount of hard work, the farmer can get some profit, which will help them in doing the further production by keeping different factors in mind like the climate and the purity of the soil.

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