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The Best Instagram Video Format and Specifications in 2021

Instagram users spend a good amount of time daily on this platform, checking the current posts, live feeds, stories, and videos. If you want to create the best video for brand recognition, follow the correct specification and format. The best Instagram video length would depend on the type of video you are posting on Instagram.

A lengthy video without strong content may go in vain as viewers do not have time to watch a lengthy one. It is easy to record a video and upload it to Instagram considering the right size, format, and specification.

Different Video Options to Post Quality Instagram Content  

  • The in-feed video could range from 15 to 60 seconds with multiple video options from 2 to 10 in one post.
  • Since the inception of Instagram stories, both photos and videos can be posted with different effects and layers. It would disappear after 24 hours
  • The Instagram live is another innovative and interactive session to reach out to the target audience
  • No more difficulty of posting short videos with the introduction of IGTV that extends up to 10 minute
  • The Instagram reel allows one to record video on it with the song of choice and additional features to add to it

Each of these has different specifications and formats for ease of upload on the platform. So, knowing this would help one upload the correct video and get its widespread reach to the target group.

Which Video Format Is Correct To Choose?

  • The feed video can be from 3 to 60 seconds in MP4 or MOV format, ideal for Instagram. The maximum size of the file in portrait, landscape, or square video could be 4 GB.
  • The story needs to be vertical with a maximum of 15 seconds time limit. When exceeding the time, it divides into clips playing them in sequence. The video should be in MP4 or MOV format with a maximum of 4GB file limit. But try to upload one under 15MB that reduces upload time.
  • Post it in vertical form for a maximum of 60 minutes. It should be in MOV or MP4 format with an upper file limit of 4GB
  • In the case of IGTV video, it can vary from 15 seconds to 10 minutes uploaded in similar formats mentioned above. The file size could be for 10 minutes such that it is less than 650 MB. The 3.6GB size is allowed for a 1-hour long video.
  • The reels videos are the fun part that can extend for 30 seconds in a similar format with a maximum of 4GB file size.

One needs to follow the correct specification that helps in video upload. If you follow the compatible format, it will not get stuck while uploading it.

Different Factors Influencing Ease Of Instagram Video Upload  

Factors like dimensions, aspect ratio, and resolution play a vital role in deciding the right choice and upload of video. The proper ratio of width and height are 9:16, that is, 9 in width, and 16 units in height would fit perfectly.

The dimension of the video is determined by its pixel in a frame. If video has 1080px with 1920px, it should be 1080 pixel wide with 1920 length. Let us take you through different resolutions and sizes of Instagram videos and choose the one that suits your work the best.

Resolution of Square Video 

In-feed videos and carousels are mostly done in square pattern in which it is better to have 1080px by 1080px resolution to its minimum level of 600px by 600px dimension. The square ones in the 1:1 ratio are engaging compared to vertical and other forms of video.

Portrait Video 

The 4:5 ratio is a popular form for carousels and the in-feed videos on Instagram with highest resolution limit of 1080px by 1350px to a minimum of 600px to 750px. These are the preferred option as it is easy to add captions and other informational data on the video body for promotion purposes.

Why Choose 1.91:1 To 16:9 Ratios For Landscape Video?

The landscape videos are popular for carousels and in-feed video options. The IGTV videos are commonly done in 16:9ratio, and you have to watch it turning the phone. The best resolution is 1080px by 608px with its lower limit of 600px by 315px. These are not a preferred option these days as vertical videos are in trend these days on Instagram. But whichever type of video you upload, it is better to maintain its format and specification for better visibility.

Detailed Specification Of Vertical Videos 

The vertical videos should be in a 9:16 ratio, common for Instagram live, stories, IGTVs, and reel. The ideal resolution is 1080px by 1920px with lower limit of 600px by 1067px. The vertical option is preferred over the rest for its easy configuration. To keep up with the latest Instagram trend of posting the video, trying the vertical format would be suitable. So, this detailed format and specification guide would help you edit the video right and upload it in few clicks.

How To Prepare For Story Ads On Instagram?

Try to use text on story ads to better conversion and reach out to the target group. Place the text in such a way that it is visible with the sponsored texts. Use human face other than only using texts to make it relatable for the audience. Besides, use suitable font and color on the ads to engage and add a personal touch to them. You can try captions and music to make the story popular on Instagram.

The Final Part 

Besides following the above-detailed specifications and tips, make sure to use the right video editing file. The latest ones are easy to use with unique features to make the video an engaging one. Choose the suitable format and template from the software and hardly takes few steps to prepare the video to be uploaded on Instagram. Try to pick software in which it is easy to use the features and edit the video for Instagram. The best practices in each video would help edit it in the best way possible using the latest tools.

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