The Best Motifs in Men’s Bracelets

In this day and age, men are more free than ever before to choose their clothing and jewelry. Back in the days, even noble families had to set limits with an eye to what the upper class of society would say, and even more so the church, which couldn’t live without interference in worldly affairs. But today, each man is his own master and he can to choose when, how, and what to wear off his own bat. For this reason, a modern choice of jewelry is truly mind-blowing. For instance, only materials bracelets for men are made from range from casual leather to much more formal metal ones. Meanwhile, metal bracelets also consist of various styles, such as cuff bracelets, Miami Cuban link bracelets, and precious metal bracelets. To prevent the embarrassment of riches from becoming an insurmountable obstacle, we offer a short guide to the most common motifs of men’s jewelry in general and bracelets in particular.

1. Biker symbols

This category encompasses a huge variety of motley symbols united by a single circumstance – they are dearly loved by bikers. The symbol that stands out the most among its peers is probably the skull. We are not trying to say that nobody has ever worn skull accessories before bikers, but they took the love for this mystical image to a new level while giving it a new significance. According to motorcyclists, a silver skull bracelet is not only a reminder of death, it is an attempt to avoid doom. Allegedly, the skull can deceive death.

If you’re not really fond of skulls, biker fashion is ready to offer Iron Crosses, Christian crosses, totem animals, images of bikes, motorcycle brands, Native American warriors and Aztec gods, flame and tribal patterns, and much more. There is also a special category of bike symbols understandable only to those who are part of this subculture. We are talking about the colors of motorcycle clubs, numbers and letters with messages encrypted in them, and other images, the meaning of which will not be clear to a man in the street. 

2. Gothic Symbols

This vast group of jewelry motifs came from another subculture, Goth. Goths aren’t averse to flaunting bracelets with skull charms but Gothic skulls are more elegant and mystical. Gothic loves images associated with the Middle Ages and reminiscent of sublime architecture, for example, stained glass windows, high vaults, exquisite spires, etc. Knights and attributes of chivalry (swords, spears, shields, etc.) are from this category as well. What a brave knight does not dream of killing a dragon? Dragons are, hands down, the hallmark of Gothic art, and unless they are depicted as good-natured and cute, any images of these winged serpents are pure Gothic.

Surprisingly, Gothic can be romantic, and all sorts of hearts, roses, and lily patterns prove it. It may seem that these symbols are rather for girls, but Gothic disagrees. It learned how to turn seemingly girlish symbols into a paragon of masculinity and nobility. We should also mention religious symbols found in abundance in Gothic. Some of them are borrowed from Christianity, while others are rather images of occult sciences. For example, a diamond angel pendant is one such symbol.​ Either way, if a religious symbol is executed with many details and lavishly decorated in swirls and floral patterns, it acquires the statement features of Gothic.

3. Marine Motifs

Since we touched on the topic of religion, many Christian symbols are related to water. For example, the church itself is personified with a ship that tames storms. An anchor is an image of hope that supports the soul just like an anchor supports a ship. The image of fish is a symbol of Christianity and Jesus Christ specifically. The ancient Greek word ichthus meaning fish is an acronym for the name of Christ. So, if you are a person of faith and you want to show it in a veiled way, nautical motifs will do just fine. For all other individuals, sea images conduct a sense of romance, adventures, freedom, and endless possibilities.

4. Geometric Shapes

What can be more complex and, simultaneously, more simple than a circle, square, or triangle? These shapes are simple because they are basically just a few straight or curved lines. And they are complex due to profound meanings hidden behind their images. The triangle, for example, is a symbol of harmony, perfection, and the hierarchy of the world. The square stands for earthly forces, fertility, and the feminine principle. The circle is infinity, the relationship between matter and time, and a solar symbol. Be that as it may, bracelets featuring geometric shapes fit perfectly into the concept of minimalism, one of the strongest jewelry trends of today.

5. Symbols of World Cultures

This tremendous category of symbols combines the cultures of the West and the East, Ancient times and modernity. How often have you seen Chinese characters on clothes, jewelry, and tattoos of people who have nothing to do with China? Sometimes, we don’t even understand what these symbols mean but they are so compelling that we cannot resist. Some people enjoy Asian hieroglyphs in their jewelry, others lean towards Egyptian hieroglyphs, many individuals like Indian letters, and someone is crazy about Slavic scripts.

Veneration of other cultures (on a par with your own) can be expressed through symbols firmly associated with a particular nation. For example, if you see a four-leafed charm or knotted pattern, you can certainly identify it as a Celtic symbol. The legionnaires’ helmet will unmistakably point to Ancient Rome and a wingless dragon or carp koi are symbols of Japan and China. The bottom line is that world cultures left a precious heritage and we are blessed to be able to incorporate historic designs into today’s fashion.

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