The Best Quality Charcoal and Briquettes Offered By BBQs 2u

BBQs2 u is a family business that is passionate about major brands like Kamado Joe, Napolean BBQs, Masterbuilt Gravity BBQs, and Ooni Pizza. They know everything about grilling and have in-depth knowledge to share with the audience out there. So, whatever type of BBQ you are looking for (whether gas or charcoal) they have everything to share with you.

Charcoals & Briquettes is one of the most important sections of their website if you are looking for some good quality charcoals or flamers. There are a total of 3 different products in this section:

Flamers – Natural Firelighters

This is made up of natural wood shavings and fully refined paraffin wax. Thus, it is safe to be used as it is all-natural. They are odorless with no harmful chemicals added like in many other flamers. They can easily be burnt and will work or be lightened up for a longer period. You can get them in boxes of 24, 50 and 200.

One important benefit of using them is that as they are made up of natural ingredients, they will not cause any damage to your ceramic grill, which mostly happens in other flamers.

Kamado Big Lumpwood Charcoal block XL 9kg

This is the largest and the biggest lump of charcoal that you can get with a weight of around 9 kg. This is exclusively made from Argentina for Kamado Joe. This is 100% genuine hardwood charcoal, which when burnt is the hottest and also for the longest period. The positive point about Kamado Joe is that for this cooking you require fire and smoke both. And that is the reason BBQs 2 u have bought this world’s finest wood chips, charcoal and starters. You can be assured about their reliability and consistent quality.

Masterbuilt Lump Charcoal 7.25 kg

This is the perfect one made for the Masterbuilt Gravity series with a weight of 7.25 kg. It is made up of hardwood that works well with all food types and temperature ranges. It is made especially with Mexican hardwood. This is perfect charcoal that is suitable for the Masterbuilt Gravity series. This product tends to give you the best charcoal flavour that you need by cooking at a low temperature, which also can reach the high temperature slowly and gradually making it perfect for your Masterbuilt gravity series.

The best part is they do offer you the following:

  • Price and bundle match
  • You get free delivery for orders above $100 throughout the UK
  • The return services are also easy with good customer care.

BBQs 2 u offers you the best of Kamado Joe & Napolean BBQs UK products at the best price. You need to take a look at their Kamado Joe Classic 2 BBQ, and Kamado Joe Classic 3 BBQ. These two are the best when you are cooking for a larger crowd and you got a larger cooking area. These are all made up of innovations and also have some great accessories to match up with your grilling experience.

For more details on BBQs 2 u, you can check their profile on Twitter.

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