The Best Zero-Investment Side Hustles To Help You Save Big in Chennai

“I work all night, I work all day to pay the bills I have to pay. Ain’t it sad?

And still there never seems to be a single penny left for me. That’s too bad.” 

How long do you want your life to be a scene from Mamma Mia? Sure you’re comfortable working in one of the top startups in Chennai. But you always feel like you’re stretched to the limit when it comes to balancing your income and expenditure. There never seems to be enough to stock away into your savings. 

Still, a little extra cash wouldn’t hurt, right? You’ve heard your friends and colleagues talking about their side gigs and how much profit they return eventually. But you don’t want to take any unnecessary risks or spend more money than you’ll potentially make. So, are there any side hustles that fit the profile for you to try? Well, you’re in luck. Today we’re bringing you a list of part-time jobs that you can take up on the side to make some extra money. We’ve taken care to ensure that these jobs can be done virtually and require no prior investment, just time and some basic skills. So, if raking in the big bucks sounds good to you, let’s take a look at these roles.

Data entry

Hear us out. Data entry jobs may sound boring on paper, but they’re one of the easiest ways to earn big online. It’s a simple role that requires no skills beyond English language proficiency and typing skills. There are tonnes of postings for such roles available online and these can help you have a steady secondary income with little to no effort. Best of all, you’ll be paid simply for the amount of data you’re able to log, which means you’re free to work according to your own schedule and pace, and you don’t need to answer to anyone.


Think about the tuition you attended in school and then give that idea an upgrade. The pandemic has really given a boost to online learning, which makes virtual tutoring a really lucrative side gig. You could make your own posting or reach out to connections looking for a tutor, or partner with websites like Vedantu and TutorMe to offer your services. Depending on the platform and the method you’re choosing, you might be required to commit a fixed number of hours every week, but there are plenty of sites that will also pay you to edit homework answers or provide notes for subjects. So, put your teacher hat on and give this a try.


Did you know that there are several platforms that are willing to pay people to perform some online tasks for them? There’s a whole bunch of these tasks from creating subtitles to clicking on ads to testing apps, but the easiest and best one in our opinion is paid surveys. Websites like Ysense, Paidverts, PrizeRebel and others will pay users to complete surveys and reviews of different products and services. You really don’t need any special skills or qualifications to ace a job like this, and since they tend to be short contracts, you can easily switch roles if you want to.


Your workplace probably allows you to explore only one aspect of yourself, usually the field that you studied. But what about your other skills and hobbies? You can show them off with a side hustle as a freelancer. It’ll give you a chance to work on different types of projects and enhance your skill sets. It can also be a stepping-stone towards starting a business of your own. Depending on the field you’re choosing to work and your level of expertise, you can earn huge amounts as a freelancer. The best thing about this role is that it allows you to explore your hobbies and control the amount of work you take on. Since you’re likely to be paid per project or by the hour, you can maximise your earnings by taking on more work. There is no shortage of jobs for freelancers, but if you’re unsure where to start you could check different portals like Upwork, Truelancer or Freelance India.

Design and drop-ship

If you’ve been thinking about starting a business for a while but can’t figure out the logistics of managing inventory and investment, then this is a solution for you. Now you can start your online business even while living as a paying guest in Chennai by using print-on-demand vendors like QikInk and Printrove to your advantage. Similar to drop shipping, you can design your unique products, from t-shirts to mugs, to notebooks, and sell them via your blog or social media. By linking your storefront to your socials, you’ll be able to send your orders directly to the vendor who will print and ship to the customer after payment. You’ll be able to start your business without making any investment and if your marketing is strong, you can end up making a lot of profit.

With these zero-investment side hustles, you’ll be able to maximise your savings and earn quickly and easily. So go and get started. Because Mamma Mia got one thing right – It’s always sunny in a rich man’s world.

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