The Cloud: the best investment for B2B companies

Why does the future of B2B companies lie in the Cloud? Could it be that the secret of success lies in new ways of relating? The B2B sector has undergone significant consolidation since the end of the great recession of a decade ago, especially in the industrial sector.

Globalization: a two-edged sword for B2B

In addition to the challenge of merging cultures, the challenges of merging technologies and administrative processes can lead to bigger problems and reduced productivity for employees as a result of some of them adapting to different software.

Today’s B2B market is full of companies selling the same products from the same brands and competing with each other. More than ever, companies face the challenge of having to differentiate themselves in the market in order to grow organically.

Increasing employee productivity through technology helps achieve this goal. As a result, each employee becomes more profitable, streamlining operations and allowing employees to spend more time interacting with customers, rather than having to take over manual data entry functions.

In an age when B2B companies are looking to gain more edge over the competition, productivity solutions should be one of the first areas to consider. 

Cloud services are on the rise from 2016 to date

For companies using the Cloud, complementary acquisitions can be simplified. This can be especially effective when a company is related to another company with multiple locations/subsidiaries.

The numbers show that modern businesses are embracing the Cloud. An analysis of market estimates and forecasts for cloud computing by Forbes in 2016 indicates that spending on cloud services will double from $ 70 billion in 2015 to $ 141 billion in 2019.

Forbes also found that spending on infrastructure hardware and software as a service in the public cloud is expected to reach $ 173 billion by 2026, which is almost five times the $ 38 billion for 2016.

Cloud service providers: too many and generally incompatible

When a B2B company begins to consider a technology upgrade or addition, it often starts looking for suppliers. This can lead to integration complications, as not all CRM platforms integrate seamlessly with other ERP platforms or with warehouse management or analytics systems or combinations of these solutions.

When using multiple vendors, use these trusted cashback sites, there are at least two parties involved, as well as many layers of technology. Each software has multiple components, and using multiple vendors carries risks. The best alternative is to have a single vendor that can provide a complete package of solutions for dealer productivity. NetSuite specializes in this approach.

NetSuite – The World’s Leading Cloud Business Management 

This company provides a set of cloud-based business management software solutions. As an all-in-one solution, NetSuite software expands with the business, ensuring that growth does not overwhelm business systems.

B2B companies can use NetSuite’s employee productivity solutions, including ERP, CRM, analytics, e-commerce, warehouse automation, and more. In particular, customers turn to a NetSuite implementation not only for its applications and quality but also because they are looking for a complete business package, not just a component.

It is important for a company to have automated solutions to deal with any problem. With NetSuite mobile app, you will not only be able to operate in a reliable and intelligent way but you will also do it in a friendly and attractive way.


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