The Emerging Trend of Electronic Signature Worldwide in 2022

The world is going digital. Especially after the coronavirus-induced frequent lockdowns, several business firms have digitized their business operations. Instead of inked signatures, they integrated Foxit eSign into the process.

It’s a global trend, and almost all business firms have started processing their documents online using a PDF format. Parties and stakeholders can put their electronic signatures on documents and get these forms validated.

Digital signatures are appropriate for small and large-scale firms who wish to elevate their businesses to a new height. E-signatures are legally valid and binding upon parties.

Digital Consent

Now, getting the consent of parties or stakeholders on documents is simple. All they need is a mouse click to put their signature on an agreement. Digital signatures also serve the purpose of payment authorizations. E-signatures have reduced the use of paperwork for documentation purposes at offices.

Electronic signatures boost up the process of acquiring new leads and sales. Most official work is now online. The use of digital signatures and forms offers ample time to the sales team to convince a customer to buy a particular product or service.

Safety and Security

Digital signatures are safe and secured. Firms and companies pay utmost attention to ensuring appropriate APIs to integrate hassle-free payment systems in their offices. They process such forms through e-signatures after following the due process of verification.

The Role of AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Many people feel more pumped up when they are working online. In the recent phase of the COVID-19 pandemic, many employers who opted for remote working found it to be far more effective and productive while working online.

The AI-powered online document signature process is here to stay. We will see the utilization of AI more in the online documentation process from now onwards.

The use of AI and automated signature process at big and small firms can benefit both customers and organizations.

Moreover, customers will now get relevant forms online while opting for a particular product or service. AI will only show relevant documents to those customers. So, staff can relax as they don’t need to find the required form from the pile of files at a desk.

Reliable and Confidential

Electronic signatures are dependable. A person putting their signature on a contract can’t rescind the same later. According to US Federal Law, an e-sign is the same as an inked signature. Using either of them makes a contract legally enforceable.


Digitized signatures come with the enormous power of interoperability between devices. You can put your electronic signature on an online document both using your PC and smartphone. For safety purposes, there’s a two-factor authentication process to prevent any misuse of such signatures by frauds or hackers.

In Conclusion

Right now, the world is moving towards a digitized world. If a business firm wants to leverage the potential of this digital revolution, they must start using electronic signatures at forms and documents.

Companies like banks, the education sector, and NGOs have already integrated e-signature technology into their systems to leverage the potential of digital signatures.

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