The Function and Significance of a Permit Expeditor

This article highlights the importance and role of a permit expeditor in the ever-changing construction industry. The complexities of evolving building codes, jurisdictional regulations, and application protocols make permit expeditors indispensable for streamlining the permitting process.

Understanding the Work of Permit Expeditors

Permit expeditors are crucial for obtaining permits from building departments, especially for large-scale projects. Their deep understanding of local building codes enables them to guide project owners, architects, and engineers toward expedited project approvals.

They liaise with city officials and plan examiners about changes in blueprints. Apart from their permit proficiency, they represent their clients during zoning and architectural reviews.

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The Reason Architects Engage Permit Expeditors

Architects often partner with homeowners and engage permit expeditors. This approach reduces overhead expenses associated with the project. Permit expeditors can help with numerous aspects of permit acquisition, thereby enhancing efficiency.

Their extensive experience with municipal, county, and state bodies provides a unique viewpoint that can impact the direction and cost of the project.

Comparing Code Consulting and Permit Expediting

In recent times, code consulting and permit expediting are increasingly overlapping. Homeowners acknowledge the value of permit expeditors as professionals who can help save costs and time.

Charges for Hiring a Permit Expeditor

The fees for a permit expeditor usually vary based on the project or an hourly rate. While they were traditionally seen as “paper pushers,” they are now viewed as versatile professionals.

Before hiring one, it’s crucial to understand their knowledge about the City or County’s process. They typically perform initial research on the property in question and provide an overview of the permitting process.

Categories of Permit Costs

Comprehensive permit services encompass:

  • Preparation of permits
  • Coordination among all parties
  • Submission to building departments
  • Regular status updates
  • Obtaining permits
  • Meetings with inspectors
  • Issuing certificates

A fixed fee is charged for permit running services to submit building permits to the building department, making it a cost-effective option for homeowners.

Service charges apply to small projects or individuals needing help filling out forms.

Offerings of a Permit Expeditor

If you need help to initiate a construction project, an expeditor can offer guidance and do the necessary groundwork. Their services include:

  • Research on planning, zoning, and codes
  • Help clients, building officials, and plan reviewers
  • Review of construction drawings
  • Analysis of jurisdictional material
  • Pre-submission reviews in collaboration with the city

Differentiating Between a Permit Expeditor and Permit Management Company

Only some permit expeditors provide a full range of services. Some limit their services to filing paperwork with the local building department. These expeditors have significant experience working with council members, city departments, and government personnel.

They help clients file paperwork, research, prepare plans in line with local building codes, and meticulously check application packages.

Reasons to Employ a Permit Expeditor

Engaging with planning departments can be overwhelming for any contractor, architect, or engineer due to the complex rules, bylaws, procedures, and steps. Engaging a permit expeditor can save time, reduce stress, and prevent potential delays.

However, choosing the right expeditor is vital. Some expeditors file plans for an hourly fee and exit, while others conduct thorough research and prepare a robust case for their clients.

Choosing a Permit Expeditor

Choosing a dependable permit expeditor can be a daunting task. Trustworthiness and expertise should be the main factors when selecting one. They should be capable of:

  • Understanding government requirements for a project
  • Submitting required documents for review
  • Tracking the status of plans until approval is granted
  • Resubmitting corrected plans
  • Updating the client on the status of plans
  • Gathering all paperwork for final approval sign-off

The Permit Application Procedure

The role of the permit expeditor commences with a consultation to comprehend your specific project. They then conduct comprehensive due diligence, learning about the project and municipality.

They also ensure that plans, applications, and necessary paperwork meet all requirements before submission. They supervise the review and approval process and provide regular updates on the status.

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