The Positive Impact of Production of Electricity by Low Carbon emission Processes

Active Kinetic 1 has a new technology that can increase power output and reduce CO2.

Carbon emissions from burning fossil fuels to make heat for steam turbines account for about 40% of all carbon emissions worldwide. When you burn things like coal or oil or gas, they trap heat and release it into the air. It is called a “greenhouse gas.” If you use innovative grid technology, you can cut down on carbon. Generation, transmission/distribution grid, and consumption are the three main areas where electricity is made, transmitted, and used.

The Insight of this technology

The development in science has led to a new efficient method to extract energy for electricity.

Making free electricity with renewable energy sources is one way to be environmentally friendly when making electricity using (wind, solar, or hydropower). Overhead transmission lines, underground cables, transformers, and substations can all be made more efficient so that less power is needed in the future. Smart homes and hybrid plug-in electric cars will only work if they have efficient equipment, like energy-saving light bulbs and regenerative energy, can help them work.

The Egyptian case study gets a lot of attention. As a country, Egypt has a lot of great opportunities.

Wind and solar energy production and its location make it a great place to connect electrical networks from the Nile basin to North Africa, the Gulf of Aden, and Europe. Lack of money, a lack of political will, and an old transmission and distribution system are just a few of the problems that need to be solved. Nearly two-thirds of the world’s electricity comes from coal and gas-fired power plants. This percentage has stayed the same since 2000, even though low-cost, variable renewable sources have become more common. It has been a notable increase in the world’s demand for power over the last decade, by 70%.

Coal still plays a vital part in the power era, accounting for about 38% of the total, followed by gas at about 20%. China and India, two of the world’s fastest-growing countries, use coal-fired power plants to make more than 60% of their electricity. Short-term, the Covid19 pandemic affected coal generation and variable renewables, but when electricity consumption starts again, these shares could return to their pre-pandemic levels.

Nearly 40% of the world’s carbon emissions come from the power sector. As of 2019, CO2 emissions from the electricity sector were slightly lower than in 2018. There is always a lot of work to deal with the leading causes of climate change.

All but a minimal amount of electricity is still made by using fossil fuels like coal and oil. Power generation, which uses a lot of carbon, is also the most significant carbon source. Global warming should not rise more than 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels, with an upper limit of well below 2 degrees Celsius. This agreement aims to keep global warming at that level.

The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, which include making it easier for people to get clean, free energy, include this as a fundamental energy goal. As more people have access to energy, the global power sector should be able to keep up with growing demand and make sure that the world has a low-carbon future in which more end-use activities are done with electricity.

Even though renewable energy is increasing, countries must quickly address their power sector emissions to meet these global climate goals. It is because of the vast amount of emissions and the importance of electrification. Carbon intensity in the power sector needs to be a lot lower.


The world has agreed to keep it that way to maintain the average global temperature from climbing more than 2 degrees Celcius above pre-industrial levels. Coal-fired power plants already in use and still being built need to be fixed to meet climate goals. Government statements say that in 2040, the amount of CO2 coal-fired power plants emit each year would be about 40% less than it is now, but the amount would still be about 6 GtCO2. We were still building new coal-fired power plants at the start of 2020, which showed us how hard it would be.

Active Kinetic 1 provides a solution that could be a game-changer for energy and carbon emissions. The augmentation of Active Kinetic 1 technology will mark the dawn of a new age.

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