The reasons why organic soaps and shampoos are better than traditional ones

In this 21st century, it isn’t easy to get anything that is in pure form. Let’s say about skincare products. The market is full of chemical products nowadays. Even many natural products that the company claims are made of chemicals. These products harm us in the end. We should use organic products rather than using chemicals.

Which soap is better between organic or store-bought?

Many people wonder about the real difference of soaps between organic and regular ones. They also ask about why we should use natural soap every time. The answer is that the typical soap we bought from stores is full of chemicals. Those soaps have some ingredients like artificial fragrance, chemicals, foaming agents, etc., which are not suitable for our skin. Many companies demand that their products are made naturally, but you can see the chemical ingredients if you notice the labels.  You can know whether the soap is made in natural way and chemical ways by looking at its component.

Glycerin: A standard natural skin softener is glycerin. It attracts water from around. It helps to maintain moisture in our skin. But in commercial soap, companies remove the glycerin and use that as a by-product. They make another product with it. The reason is that consumers will buy that another product to moisture skin after drying out by using soap. Companies make a profit in this way from selling soap.

Artificial Fragrance: Essential oils are used in organic soap for fragrance purposes which are not harmful in any way. But in the store soaps, chemicals are used for fragrance purposes. Those chemicals cause irritations in our skin. Try to use soaps that are made in natural way.

What is the process of organic soap making? What are the benefits?

Organic soaps are made using oils and some natural colorants. It makes the use of natural soaps. The organic soap bar also becomes long-lasting. There is no harmful chemical, unlike a commercial one, and because of that, they will not irritate your skin. Organic soaps are made of oils, butter, fats, etc. These ingredients are healthier and better for the skin.

Which one is better between organic shampoo and chemical shampoo?

The natural shampoo contains natural ingredients, which are extract from wild plants. It helps the hair and skin of your scalp. Natural ingredients like natural oils, minerals, and many kinds of herbals help hair to maintain moisture. These ingredients also make hair healthy and help to repair damaged hair. As the organic shampoo is produced naturally, it is suitable for every type of skin.

How can you find an organic shampoo?

If you go to the store to buy organic shampoo, then look for the below ingredients in the label. Those ingredients are-

  • Aloe Vera and coconut oil are the must products that should be in the organic shampoo. These two products help to stimulate hair growth and keep the scalp moisture and hydrated.
  • Butter, beta-glucan, and tea oil are the ingredients in organic shampoo, which helps to shine your hair and retaining hair color. It also provides antiseptic ingredients that maintain the health of the scalp.
  • Castor oil is rich in anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties that protect the scalp and hair from infections that cause hair fall. It helps to nourish hair and prevents it from drying.
  • Olive oil: Cold pressed olive oil provides vitamin E and powerful anti-oxidants. These components have preserving and healing properties.

Why is organic shampoo better?

As you see about the benefits of organic shampoo from above, these benefits are not available in the chemical shampoo. Companies use SLS, which moisture out the scalp and cause irritations and dryness. Ammonium, sulfate, different derivatives, etc. are which not only affects badly on our skin and risks us of even cancer. So, using organic shampoo is better in every way.

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