The Representation of Czechs and Slovaks team

Currently the countries of the Czech Republic and Slovakia have been independent for many decades. However, there was a moment when they were united in a single country, called Czechoslovakia. Right now, both teams are available to wager at the best Nigeria bet only with 1xBet bookmaker, where all their matches can be followed.

Czechoslovakia had its own national team, as it is most other nations on Earth. It was a highly successful team. It came close to actually winning the FIFA World Cup on a number of occasions. However, for different reasons the country decided to break up and became what is currently known as Slovakia and the Czech Republic. This also had effects in the football realm. These two squads are only with the 1xBet Nigeria bookmaker, where users can make their best bet on them.

A break-up in the middle of a competition

The separation of Czechoslovakia happened in the middle of the 1994 FIFA World Cup qualifiers. While waiting for the FIFA World Cup matches and qualifiers, try out the reliable live casino 1xBet, which has hundreds of games. The Czechoslovak team was put in a qualifying group alongside other squads, which were:

  • Romania;
  • Belgium;
  • Wales;
  • Cyprus;
  • and the Faroe Islands.

There was a problem. In total, each team was supposed to play 10 matches in the qualifying round. However, after only two matches, Czechoslovakia broke up. Of course, it was not possible for the Czech Republic and Slovakia to compete with respective teams. A compromise needed to be reached. The live casino 1xBet is a highly reliable and rewarding portal that offers great games to play while waiting for the next matches and tournaments.

Reaching a compromise

UEFA understood the situation. Czechoslovakia as a country didn’t exist anymore. However, they were still allowed to continue as a unified team. It was called the Representation of Czechs and Slovaks. This is what eventually led to the separated teams that started to compete later in an independent manner. They are always available for wagering at, where the best matches for making live bets can be found.

Unfortunately for the Czechs and Slovaks squad, they were not able to be at the FIFA World Cup celebrated in 1994. They finished third in their group, and only the top two teams qualified for the cup. Those who were present in the United States for the competition were Romania and Belgium.

The Czechs and Slovaks had a chance to qualify. They needed to defeat Belgium in their final match. It was played on the 17th of November of 1993. Unfortunately for the united team, the match ended 0-0. The 1xBet website has great betting options in all the qualifiers for these great cups.

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