When football was played without cards

Football is a sport that has been played at a professional level since the late 19th century. However, the game has seen some big changes in its rules over the years. The 1xBet – best Kenya betting sites give wagering chances in lots of different aspects about football, which are the things that make it a very dynamic sport.

One of the things that today’s football followers take for granted are yellow cards and red cards. In fact, cards as we know them today were only introduced in the late 1960s. In other words, for more than 70 years the game was played without these iconic elements of the game. The 1xBet Kenya betting sites offer the best wagering options in goals, cards, penalty kicks, and many other football aspects.

Refereeing without cards

The first records of football referees issuing cautions to players are from 1881. As it was said before, yellow cards didn’t exist back then. The 1xBet website – live betting Kenya give the chance to wager on whether a certain player will receive a card during a game.

In those years, all cautions were verbal. In other words, when a referee thought that a certain play was too violent or was committing a violation of the rules of the game, he would simply tell the player verbally that he was being cautioned.

This was not a major issue when all players and referees spoke the same language. However, with the inception of the FIFA World Cups and other international competitions, there were teams and referees from different countries. People can visit the live betting area of the 1xBet Kenya website, which offers a wide range of wagering options for the FIFA World Cups and many other competitions.

Incidents that led to the creation of football cards

There were some high profile controversies where players weren’t sure if they were being cautioned or dismissed from the game, as they didn’t speak the same language as the referee. The platform features lots of betting chances in matches that can be followed in real time. Some players involved were:

  • Giorgio Ferrini;
  • Bobby Charlton;
  • and Jack Charlton.

For example, in a match that took place in the 1962 FIFA World Cup, English referee Ken Aston wanted to expel Italian Giorgio Ferrini. Since there were no cards, he told the player verbally to leave the field. However, the Italian didn’t understand what was being told. In fact, he refused to leave the pitch when he understood. For this reason, Aston suggested to FIFA that a universal way of letting players know if they were being cautioned or dismissed should be created. This led to the appearance of the yellow and red cards that we all know and love, and on 1xBet, people can wager if players will get them.


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