The Three Crucial Reasons Why Betting on Cricket Is Extremely Popular in India

We can’t neglect the popularity of cricket in India and the rising number of Indian people who consider it their favorite pastime to bet on cricket. Indeed, cricket is undoubtedly the most popular sport in India, which is why the search and demand for the best cricket betting apps are growing in this country on a day-to-day basis. Sports betting online is a popular and expensive industry, and in the past couple of years, it only spread more of its wings across every corner of the earth, not just in India. 

However, when focusing solely on India, we must mention that the growing interest in sports betting, especially cricket betting, was affected by the 2018 Public Gambling Act, where online betting became legal only at regulated online betting platforms. For this reason, enthusiastic cricket bettors started searching for reputable and trustworthy online betting platforms with licenses so that they could legally enjoy betting on cricket. But why is cricket betting the most popular sports betting in India? Let’s explore the top three reasons why this is so.    

Why is betting on cricket the most popular type of sports betting in India? 

Below, you’ll find a list of the top three reasons why betting on cricket is extremely popular in India.  

1. Safe and secure online betting platforms 

One of the top reasons why betting on cricket is greatly popular in India is that all reputable online betting platforms are completely safe. These online betting platforms are backed by management organizations, sports organizations, and substantial top-flight investments. Additionally, the payment methods are backed by online protection and encryption methods so that there’s no chance of potentially becoming a victim of a phishing attack, data theft, or abuse. 

Naturally, not every online betting platform in India offers an impeccable user experience, but the majority is. To avoid coming across scam betting sites, you should dedicate some to checking the reputability of that betting site by looking at whether the website has a license. These licenses are the best and only proof that the betting website is legal, trustworthy, and has passed all the regulations for its reputation. Also, such reputable cricket betting websites offer the best and on-the-spot customer service, yet another trait of cricket betting in India.   

2. Accessibility of cricket betting websites and cricket tournaments present throughout the whole year in India 

We have to mention the accessibility of cricket betting first. It has boomed in the past couple of years with smartphone advancements and overall innovations in modern technology. Now, you can bet on cricket in India from any place. Moreover, there are no limits to cricket betting when it comes to the size of your deposit. For example, Indian residents can place a bet of 10,000 rupees for a single cricket match (naturally, only at reputable betting platforms). 

Yet another major reason for the popularity of cricket betting in India is that cricket tournaments are present throughout the year. In other words, it’s not like betting on NBA (one specific time frame). India has numerous cricket tournaments, not just the Indian Premier League (IPL). So, if betting on cricket is your hobby, you can do it every month in India. 

3. A chance to win great prizes    

Of course, winning a bet is what each bettor expects, and that’s yet another reason for the growing popularity of betting on cricket in India. Since the Indian Premier League is the highlight of the year for each Indian sports fan, betting on IPL is now a real trend in India. All Indian enthusiastic cricket bettors have to do to place their IPL bet is create an account at a cricket betting site and click Bet Now. No wonder cricket betting is so popular there, right? 

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