The TikTok phenomenon: entertainment content with tons of features

The popular TikTok platform is an opportunity to tell more people about yourself, share personal achievements and skills. This resource allows you to create exciting content without limiting the scope. Simple interface, great functionality make it possible to edit footage. Some do not yet know how to use Tik Tok. Thanks to the program, you can have fun, unleash your creativity.

Features and capabilities

The application can record tracks of fifteen and sixty seconds. Then they are uploaded to their own page, shared with fans tiktok. The main functionality of Tik Tok:

adding music to the video. To do this, click on the rightmost symbol. Then a list of available categories for downloading songs and sounds will open;

applying effects. Located on the right side of the screen on the toolbar;

using filters helps to hide visible imperfections of the face.

To quickly find the required content, special tags are used. The news feed is similar to Instagram, where subscribers’ posts are also highlighted. Here you can also watch trend clips that have get more likes on tiktok.

Adding a video

At the bottom of the screen there is a “+” icon, by clicking on which you can create a video from the device’s camera. In the upper part there is a music mark icon that allows you to add music to the video. On the right side of the toolbar there is an option to switch between cameras, speed up or slow down a track. There are more than a dozen filters here.

Content shooting starts after pressing the big red button at the bottom of the display. If you need to change the scenery while creating a video, you can pause and then continue. After finishing shooting, you need to add effects and music. Then you can already sign, adjust the visibility. After that, the finished video is published.

The material will be posted on the network with the previously selected parameters, which will determine whether friends or all users will be able to see it.

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How to apply effects

To give originality to the video, various effects are used, of which there are many in this application. To do this, you need to scroll down the page, choosing the appropriate option from the proposed ones. Most popular:

symmetry and split screen;


changing appearance: beards, hairstyles;

big eyes;

body and face proportions;


Multiple masks can be applied to a video at the same time. After the footage is shot, you should click on the red circle to publish. The program allows you to make time effects by clicking on the clock icon. To use them, you need to select the starting point while holding the icon.

The leading position is occupied by the effect of black eye sockets. Use it to add mystery to your look. Additional special effects are also available: reverse, flash and slowmo. With their help, the content becomes more interesting, the audience remembers it. As a result, the video rating will be affected. TikTok views boost will also help increase the number of subscribers and other users.

Positive aspects of the application

By creating interesting content, you can become famous by viewing a wide audience. Tik Tok advantages:

it is easy to realize creativity using the platform;

rich music library;

an abundance of unique filters, slow and fast recording functions;

the opportunity to declare yourself, communication with friends;

clear intuitive interface.

Challenges are the key to TikTok. Video creators must actively participate in various events in order for their material to be popular.

How to gain popularity

A simple method to gain user recognition and reach the top is by capturing original content. This requires creativity and observation. The main thing is to be as creative as possible. The same type of videos has become boring to everyone. The following recommendations allow you to stand out from the crowd:

selection of an unusual image passing from one track to another;

try to convey more emotions with facial expressions, complementing with rhythmic movements to the beat of the melody;

you need to hook the viewer with a live video;

you can try yourself in the role of a superhero by filming an extreme video;

amazing dances, ballet, will surely touch the hearts of subscribers.

It is also important to be aware of all trends. You can record a hit that does not leave the radio station charts. Most users like popular songs, they often get a lot of likes and positive comments. One of the simple and quickest ways to increase the influx of a new audience will be cheating on TikTok without registration using special services. It will also help improve the status of your account.

Advertising format

The platform regularly hosts various challenges. Anyone can join. This is one of effective methods of promoting your account. Everything is simple here, it is enough to record a video according to the conditions of a popular blogger. Then the track needs to be published by specifying certain hashtags.

Such a video from one influencer can get up to five hundred views. Once in the recommendation feed, subscribers join this track. It is important that advertising should not be direct. All video content is available by keywords. The reach of such campaigns is really huge.

The application also has an In-Feed Native Video that appears in the user’s feed among the rest of the material. Usually accompanied by a call to action, contains a link and lasts no more than fifteen seconds. It can be opened in full screen or skipped.


With this multifunctional program, you can create funny, funny videos. Special effects are applied to give originality. It’s easy to use them, just select the desired icon.

The combination of stories, short funny sketches, and a convenient editor are the advantages of TikTok. In addition, the application has well-functioning algorithms that allow novice bloggers to receive millions of views and become popular.

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