The Top 5 Football Sportsbook Tips for More Successful Play

Football or soccer as it’s called in some parts of the world is the most popular sport in the world. Its globe spanning popularity is driven by the often fast pace of the matches, and the fact that every emotion a person can experience is experienced in every game. This has led to an increase in betting and an increase in new online UK bookmakers as wagering can make the games even more exciting.

If you are thinking about using sports bookmakers or already do, this article gives you the top 5 football sportsbook tips to make your sportsbook play more exciting.

Keep Emotions in Your Back Pocket

Although sportsbook play is an emotional experience, it is vital that you keep a clear head. Should you use your heart rather than your head you’ll find that not only will your profits be down, but you’ll lose a lot more, possibly more than you can afford. Emotional play is the path to ruin.

A clear head is vital to a good sportsbook experience.

Avoid Accumulator Bets

Accumulator bets are highly appealing because should an accumulator be successful the payouts are high. In fact, should a 10-match accumulator bet be successful for a very small outlay you can potentially win big.

The only downside with that is that it is almost impossible for the bet to win. Pro sportsbook players never use an accumulator and all the advice says to avoid this kind of bet. If you do decide to use an accumulator keep the bet to no more than three matches.

Value and Analysis

If you want to win big in sports betting then the analysis is your friend. Many just use their heart rather than their head and wager based on a feel. Although there are times this will serve you well most of the time you’ll miss critical factors resulting in your bookie becoming that little bit richer.

Analysis is key to identifying real value bets. Through looking at team form, key player form, and other factors like the goalscoring rate of a striker and the shot stopping rate of a goalkeeper, you can discover when the bookies have got the odds wrong.

Remember that odds are the bookmakers’ opinion of a probable outcome. Through analysis, you can discover if the bookmaker has got their predictions wrong allowing you to identify a value bet.

Always Use the Best Odds

Some make the mistake of just being signed up to one sports betting site and sticking with it. Instead, what they should be doing is to have accounts with a few bookies so they can leverage the best odds. Although the differences tend to be small it still makes a difference to your winnings.


Budgeting isn’t sexy but it is vital to a good betting experience and your life. Set both a session and staking budget and don’t go beyond these levels and never, ever, chase losses.

Sports betting is fun, especially with the right bookie software, football is fantastic, so combine the two for the best matchday experience but never gamble more than you can afford to lose.

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