The top features that make an online casino great

There is so much to choose from when it comes to online casinos, they are all fighting for our attention on the internet. Online casino operators pay much in marketing and promotion in order to attract a target audience, outperform the competition, and win the race for the greatest online casino. As newcomers we tend to read up on online casino reviews to get a glimpse of which online casino is supported and trusted by the community and which ones are not. The questions that we often found ourselves asking here would be: what makes an online casino considered to be good and worth supporting? Today, let’s take a deeper look at each component to assist operators in avoiding some traps that may easily drive players away from the casino.

First impression is important

Design is often considered as the face of a product. For online casinos, the site and app design greets visitors and creates a first impression. A first impression should always be unique, it should be something that sticks to the minds of the customers. A bland online casino would stick with a regular look, and this somewhat ruins the image the customer has of this online casino. This is a complicated issue. While many casino players have a preconceived notion of what an online casino website should look like and are more at ease in a conventionally designed place, others value innovation and a sophisticated appearance. This is the reason why Mega888 has been so largely celebrated, they stick with the tried and true template design or to build an entirely new cutting-edge style that will surprise the players. If you’re looking for guidelines on casino look, design and aesthetics that can be pleasing to look at and user friendly to navigate, then we would say Mega888 is a good example.

Design tweaks that improve overall gaming experiences

Some key elements in differentiating between good online casino design and bad online casino design can be found in how users navigate through the online casino site or app. The download page for the online casino app should be put at a place that is obvious, besides that, on the main page, the sign up or action button for deposit or withdrawals should be prominent and presented several times. For this particular example we can look at Maxim88, one of the most reputable online casinos in Malaysia. Here you will find the aforementioned traits in a good online casino design, with the addition of more positive design traits such as a simple registration procedure for new members, and a game page navigation system that is easy to use. Maxim88 enables advanced sorting by provider, game kind, character and theme group, ease of play, game popularity and intensity, and so on. Furthermore, Maxim88 takes the term “mobile-friendly” to a new level, it sets the standards for an online casino that is easy to use and navigate no matter what device you are playing it on. This is important because players must be able to visit the casino using any mobile device and have an equally enjoyable gaming experience on their PCs.

Speed can make the experience smoother

One thing that’s always praised about an online casino is the speed at which services are rendered at that particular online casino. These services include deposit and withdrawal or any other form of monetary transactions. An online casino should pride itself with the speed at which it can perform these transactions, after all, a faster transaction means lesser waiting time, and players get more time to enjoy the games that the online casino provides. A good example for this would be me88. The online casino offers transaction times that take less than 5 seconds, and players love me88 for this particular reason. Furthermore, me88 is also an online casino that prides itself with the speed at which customer service is provided, and the games at me88 also load at a speed that is faster than average. At a truly good online casino, you can hop into any online casino games of your choice and start gaming instantly

Legitimacy and gameplay verification

Online casino authority, licensing organization and even online casino critics are all super important when it comes to establishing legitimacy of an online casino. The next time you’re visiting a new online casino, look for it’s licenses and certificates that ensure a safe gaming environment free of scammers and cheaters, and gameplay fairness that are unbiased. As a famous online casino trusted by the community, the casino should set examples by  prominently displaying all licenses, certificates, and significant partnerships at the main page of their official site, since this communicates trust and reputation, which is what the majority of players are looking for. This promotes transparency, and builds the bridge that allows effective communication between provider and user. A good online casino should not have to hide anything, if you spot anything suspicious such as the lack of proof of licenses at the online casino main page, you should avoid that online casino at all costs.

Game Selection

Even if each casino has its own collection of the most popular casino games that provide the majority of the casino’s revenue, and even if this collection appears to be sufficient, gamblers value the variety. The more games a casino has, the larger the audience it can reach. Ideally, you should have some well-known game suppliers such as NetEnt or Spade Gaming, as well as some live dealer material from Evolution Gaming and some new, unique content from companies such as Pragmatic Play. Finally, games developed by the world’s top gaming software providers demonstrate that a casino has associated with industry experts, which enhances the casino’s image. There are more than a handful of top ranked online casinos such as 918kiss, Mega888, BK8 and more that provide over 500 online slot games, online live casino games and online fishing games provided by these trusted online game providers. Definitely check them out if you haven’t already. Click here to read free reviews right now!


While all of the aforementioned success elements appear to be self-evident, not all online casinos possess the entire set. While all of these characteristics are critical, failing to perform consistently well on the majority of them may drastically harm an online casino website’s reputation and “likeability.” If you’re struggling to pick an online casino that shows all of the above positive traits, or you have problems trying to find a trusted online casino yourself, you can always head on to and read their reviews to see what they have to say about your favorite online casinos.

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