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The Top Romantic Things to do in Santa Fe

Santa Fe is a historic town and capital of New Mexico; its history goes back to imperial Spanish America. Santa Fe is noted for European architecture, significant museums, and a penchant for art.

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Things to do in Santa Fe

Santa Fe Plaza:

Santa Fe Plaza is a national historic landmark. Once you go there, you will see that it looks exactly like many Latin-American cities. 

And there is plenty to do there as well. For one, you have an open-air plaza. Then, there are housing food carts. If you go simultaneously, you can also experience annual events like the Fiestas de Santa Fe. 

Santa Fe Plaza is home to Native American, Latin American, and Mexican American artisans who perform music, dances, live performances, and design custom jewelry. 

Andrea Fisher Fine Pottery:

This fine place features handmade exhibits, Pueblo pottery, and painted pottery by the Native American community residing in the countryside of New Mexico. The place also houses most of Maria Martinez’s works; she is considered one of the best-known Native American Potter. Get help from the staff and tourist guide booklets to gain more insights about the pottery and other notable artworks. You can buy a bunch of pottery and take various souvenirs home.

Canyon Road:

You’d be surprised to know that Canyon Road has the highest number of galleries in the country – around eighty! It also houses boutiques, restaurants, and adobe homes. The galleries showcase paintings, sculptures, crafts, and glasswork stemming from various cultures. You can also find digital art and contemporary abstractions here. The windmills, stone furniture, and chunks of opalized petrified wood are a marvelous feature.

Romantic Restaurants in Santa Fe:

Dinner for Two:

Yes, that’s what the name is called; Dinner for Two is located in Santa Fe’s heart, serving the best cocktails and steaks in Santa Fe. The dim lights, wooden seating arrangements, mellow live music, and hand-picked wine collection make the restaurant perfect for couples. The must-try dishes are Caesar salad, banana foster, mushroom soup, and veal marsala. 

La Plazuela Santa Fe:

Built-in the early 1900s, La Plazuela gives an ultimate dining experience. Let’s talk about the interior, shall we? The place is southwestern styled; the windows are hand-painted, featuring a unique painting style. A fountain in the restaurant and calm music adds a whole new romantic factor to the place. Don’t forget to try tortilla soup, margaritas, fajitas, and Chili Rellenos.

Places to Stay in Santa Fe:

Santa Fe is fun for everyone. Here is a look at some of the top places you can stay in when visiting the place and what you can do while there. 

Hotel Santa Fe

Hotel Santa Fe features handmade Taos-style furniture. Santa Fe farmers market and Santa Fe Mountain Adventure are just a few minutes walk away, whereas paseo pottery is a couple of minutes walk from the hotel. The hotel provides services like a spa, a pool, a private balcony, and pet-friendly rooms. The per-day cost ranges from $125-$175. 

Eldorado Hotel

Eldorado Hotel is located on W San Francisco Street. The rooms feature stunning views of the cityscape, also included are wood-burning fireplaces. Keshi, the art gallery, and the New Mexico History Museum are close to the hotel. Georgia O’Keeffe Museum is also a couple of minutes’ walk from the hotel. Various amenities include a rooftop pool, spa, pet-friendly rooms, and private balconies. The per-day cost ranges from $150-$200.


The esta visa is eligible for two years; you can utilize the visa for a 90-day hassle-free trip in the US.

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Regardless, it would help if you got an esta application check done to ensure everything is going smoothly. Your full name and application number are required for an esta status check. Remember, you need your ESTA authorization. Without it, you will not be able to enter the US.

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