The Ultimate Guide To Effective YouTube Channel Optimization

YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world after Google. Most people think of YouTube as merely a video-sharing site where people can go and watch their favorite videos. But, there is so much more to it.

YouTube is a platform that you can use to market your company, grow your audience, and make money. Analytics show that YouTube mobile users are twice as likely to pay close attention to an in-app video than an average TV viewer.

Nearly 70% of people use YouTube to learn more about a business before deciding whether to patronize that service or buy its products. So, how do marketers get the most out of their videos when advertising on YouTube?

The best way to start is through optimizing your YouTube channel with a purpose: giving potential and existing customers a comprehensive understanding of what you do and why they should want it.

YouTube’s optimization can help your business channel appear search-friendly for both in-app users and regular web searchers. Even though Google is widely considered the largest search engine, it has to share that title with YouTube, making video optimization techniques just as beneficial for your SERP (search engine result page) rankings.

Here’s how you can optimize your YouTube channel to reach a wider audience and derive as much traffic as possible:

Tips To Effectively Optimize Your YouTube Channel

● Use Keywords In Your Titles And Descriptions

Putting relevant keywords in your title is necessary to help people find your video on YouTube. The title of your video should be at least five words long so that you can include complete keywords without keyword-stuffing.

You can include keywords in your video descriptions as well. YouTube allows you to have a detailed description of your video in the video’s “information” tab. This is the first thing that people viewing your video will see. So, if you include relevant keywords that users may be searching for, it’ll help your channel get more traction.

You can use the same keyword research tools for PPC or SEO, like Google Keyword Planner, Moz or SEMrush, etc.

●  Add Relevant Keywords In Video Tags

Video tags are used to find answers on various social media platforms. People use them to research related content, topics, or phrases relevant to their interests. If you add it along with the video title and include the keyword, it’ll help you get in front of the audience using the keyword in their searches.

Search engines use those tags to help them identify what kind of content the video contains. A highly relevant tag can also give you an edge in ranking. Using tags helps search engines categorize your video within a topic and group similar videos with it.

●  Add A Transcription In The Description Field

The YouTube search engine algorithm places a lot of emphasis on videos with transcripts. YouTube is fundamentally a video platform and only displays a few text snippets in the search results.

So, if you want to rank for targeted keywords, you need to add a transcript to your video. The text from your video transcription will appear in the search engine results, giving you more visibility.

Consider using a video transcript using text templates to boost SEO by creating valuable, shareable content.

● Create Impactful Thumbnails

Thumbnail is also one of the first things viewers see when watching your videos. It’s what prompts them to click play and watch the video. It’s the first impression you make, so it can be the difference between getting subscribers and going viral.

Please note that YouTube will display the duration of your video in the lower-left corner of the thumbnail. Make sure this does not block anything essential out of your thumbnails, such as a face or a logo. Also, Google’s image recognition software may automatically filter out any branding from within your featured imagery (YouTube logo, etc.) so keep that in mind as well when creating thumbnails.

● Upload Subtitle And Closed Captions

Text subtitles or closed captions can help improve the audience’s comprehension of a video since viewers read as they watch, making them feel connected to the action on screen. Text subtitles also allow you one more opportunity to add relevant keywords for your video and possibly help catapult it up in the SERPs by reverse-engineering and strategically tailoring your text to those long-tail phrases that people are likely searching for.

●  Focus On Strong Intros

The viewing rate determines the success of a video, so it’s essential to write solid and compelling intros that will help keep audience members from clicking away or losing interest early on. Video templates can help you do this by providing an easy way to add major parts of your video all in one place.

Using a pre-made intro with your video also makes sense since it will make it easier for viewers to immediately know who you are and what your business is about – which may encourage them to stick around.

●  Say Your Target Keyword

You may have noticed that YouTube now transcribes your videos automatically. In most cases, they’re pretty accurate! So if YouTube sees you mention your target keyword in a video, they’ll “hear” it. Because you’re saying the keyword your video is optimized around, YouTube will better understand that your video is about that specific term.

●  Add Cards And End Screen To Increase Your YouTube Channel’s Viewership

When you’re watching a video, have you ever seen a small white icon with an “i” in the center appear in the corner? That’s a Card, which is described as being like a template or card of sorts to promote content – e.g., videos on your own YouTube channel.

You can use YouTube cards in multiple ways. They are a great way to direct your audience to watch your videos or videos you suggest from other YouTube channels.

End screens appear after a video finishes and tell viewers what they can do next. Both cards and end screens can optimize viewer experience and encourage them to watch another video or take further action when they’ve finished.

●  Work On Brand Icon And Channel Art

Design your brand icon and create visually appealing art and fits the tone of your videos and channel. The icon should represent your content sensibly without being too exaggerated or overly quirky.

E.g., you wouldn’t want a robot to be the face of cooking tutorials. It sets the scene for what viewers can expect to find on your channel, so make it look great.

●  Track Your Analytics

Analytics is the only way to help you understand if your strategy is working or not. Metrics can help you know which videos are performing well and what needs to change.

YouTube offers several analytics reports such as organic traffic, social engagement, advertising, and so much more to offer insight into the performance of just about every aspect of your channel.

Key Takeaways

  • Optimizing a YouTube channel can help you reach a wider audience and drive more sales for your business.
  • Keywords play a crucial role in optimization, and that’s why it’s essential to research them and use them effectively.
  • Creating high-quality videos will help you increase the watch time and get you a wider reach.
  • Analyzing results will help you gain traction. After all, it’s easier – and much more cost-effective when dealing with social media – to create more of what’s working.

Summing Up

You can do many different things to optimize your YouTube channel the right way and get the most out of it. These can help you grow more subscribers, viewers that’ll help you derive more sales for your business.

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You can visit Typito to create engaging videos with beautiful text, images, video clips, music, and more to elevate your social presence using video marketing software and make more money as a video creator.

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