The ultimate wedding planning checklist

Your wedding day is one of the most special occasions in your life, so you want it to be as perfect as possible. However, planning a wedding is no easy task, especially if you are trying to do it while working full-time and have other commitments at the same time. According to the wedding planner Judith Jordà, there are lots of details that couples tend to forget about, bringing them unnecessary stress and a ruined mood just before their big day. So, to help you avoid that, here is the ultimate checklist of things to plan for your wedding.


It’s important to establish some key details before you can even start with your actual wedding planning. The budget is the very first thing you must settle together with the rough date for your special day. The date will rely heavily on your chosen venue too, so you should start researching those too.

12-10 months prior

It is normally recommended to start planning your wedding at least 1 year before it, since there are so many things to decide on and long waiting lists for certain services. You should start your planning by finding and booking the perfect venue for your wedding, which also gives you a definite date. It is also a good time to book your celebrant or officiant and choose your Apprintable wedding printing party.

At around 10-months prior to the event, you may also want to start booking other essential vendors, like photographers, the band, catering, entertainment, florists, etc. If you are celebrating your marriage outside your town, booking a block of hotel rooms far in advance is also essential.

9-8 months prior

The planning gets truly exciting here, as we start to look into the wedding dress, suit for the groom and the wedding party outfits. At this point, you should decide on a wedding theme and a colour palette that will determine many other details going forward. The bride should start looking for hair and make-up professionals. The happy couple may also want to plan and pre-book their honeymoon in advance.

7-4 months prior

The “save the dates” invitations should be sent out to your guests at this point and you may start booking rehearsal dinner venues, meeting with your celebrant / officiant, hire any other rental items, like the lighting / sound equipment, tables and chairs, etc.. This is also the time to choose your cake, decide on your wedding playlist and your flowers.

3-1 months prior

The few months before your wedding will be the most busy, where you will be finalising all details, confirming your ceremonies, purchasing wedding decor, having the test make up / hair done, finalising the guest seating plan, meeting with different vendors and agreeing on all arrangements. Don’t forget to also make a contingency plan for bad weather or any other unexpected events that could ruin your big day!

The week before

As you are now so close to your special day, there are just a few more things to sort out before you can relax and celebrate your love. The final number of guests and the schedule of your wedding day should now be confirmed and set out to all important parties. The arrival and delivery times from different vendors must be agreed too.

Approaching the last few days, make sure your wedding vows are prepared, the rings are with the best man and there are no other changes to make after the rehearsal dinner. You may now start pampering yourself for the day: break in your wedding shoes, get your manicure and pedicure done, stay hydrated and stress-free, ready to dance the night away!

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