Things to Consider Before Buying an Oval Shaped Diamond Rings

As Valentine’s Day approaches, you may find yourself looking for the perfect way to show your loved one just how much you care. While a heart-shaped ruby and an emerald cut engagement ring are the classic ways to show love, round diamonds and oval shaped diamonds are currently trending. Here are some things to keep in mind before investing in your next diamond ring.

As with many other options in the world of diamonds, getting the perfect engagement ring can be a stressful and expensive endeavor. Here are 10 things to consider before buying an oval shaped diamond engagement ring.

Does It Match Her Ring?

Do you know exactly what shape her engagement ring is? If not, do a little research on what kind of engagement ring she’s interested in buying and get to know what your partner likes. If you’re still not sure, find her ring size and place it next to the size of her engagement ring and see which one fits. If you can match her ring, there’s no need to go shopping for a ring just yet.

Oval shaped diamond engagement rings are not as common as round or princess cut diamonds. In fact, 80 percent of engagement rings today are round, and the remaining 20 percent are either princess cut or oval. It’s important that you know your partner’s ring size and style, so you can show your true love and help her find the perfect ring.

Consider the Colors of Her Nails and the Color of Ring

Colored diamonds are great to show off, but they aren’t the best choice when buying a diamond engagement ring. Emerald shaped diamonds are extremely popular right now, as are those in the clarity of the first rung of clarity as you move down the quality spectrum. However, you can also wear yellow, pink, and blue diamonds. Or better yet, she can pick out the color of the diamond for you.

When it comes to the color of the stone, oval diamonds and also round diamonds, tend to be lighter in hue. Some people have said that oval diamonds are the perfect ring size for that special someone because they can look good on any skin tone.

Know What Type of Diamond It Is

The color and clarity of the diamond can have an impact on the style and value of the diamond ring. Diamonds are graded on the petal to cavity center (PCF) grading system. The higher the PCF grade, the lighter and more natural the diamond will appear in your ring. The higher the PCF grade, the more expensive the diamond will be, as well as the greater the number of carats per square carat. It’s important to note that not all diamonds are made the same. You may have heard the term synthetic diamond. This is a misleading term that is confusing to consumers.

Diamonds can be mined in many ways, some of which involve what are called alloys of materials, such as aluminum, iron, and gold. These “alloys” can contain varying amounts of the alloys, or diamonds, that will become part of the stone. By buying a diamond that is made with an alloy of diamonds, you have the assurance that the stone is truly genuine.

Be Careful When Choosing the Shapes of Your Engagement Ring

If you’re buying an oval engagement ring for your beloved, make sure you know which shape is best for her ring. While round diamonds are popular, oval shaped diamonds tend to show off more of her finger, leaving her with a smaller ring size.

It’s possible for you to receive diamond engagement rings in any shape or size that your partner would like. However, you should be careful to ensure the shape and setting of your ring will show off the diamond to its best advantage. Since oval diamonds are rounder than round, they are generally about half the size of the round stones. Often times they will also be smaller than round stones with a more intense color and clarity.

Consider the Edge on Your Engagement Ring

If the ring has a narrow width and the diamond is far from the edge, this may be the perfect ring for your partner. If the ring has a wider width and the diamond is closer to the edge, this is a bad choice. Your partner’s finger may be uncomfortable or would certainly be easily scratched if she presses against the edge of the ring with her finger.

If you love the ring, don’t let a small or narrow ring size hold you back from buying an engagement ring for your partner.

Correlation to the value

Most people would tell you that oval diamonds are good investments for the perfect engagement ring. If the diamond is considered an oval diamond, the investment rate for the price of the diamond is almost four times more than a round diamond. So, it is obviously quite a bit more costly. Still, it can mean a lot to have a ring that is so beautiful and stands out among all the other rings that are going around.

However, once you get past the stunning stone, you are still going to have to decide the style of the ring. Since the price goes up with the style, a round or an oval diamond can add up quickly when you are planning an engagement ring.

Build A Future

Now that you know how to propose to your girlfriend or fiancée, you can spend your future making each other happy by building your home together, becoming a loving and happy family, and being the most important part of each other’s lives.

Today, engagement rings can range from under $1,000 to more than $100,000.

This is a guide to help you get started. We hope that you can read this guide and find a ring that fits your budget and her style, so that you can tell your love, “YES!”

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