Things to Know About Autosar Certification

Do you want to select a software development course? Go get enrolled for an Autosar Certification course if you are a graduate, technician, engineer, student, or just simply keen to learn Autosar. You will surely gain benefits from this certification course. But, let us first know what Autosar is, what will Autosar certification course will offer you, and why should you go for it.

What is AUTOSAR?

AUTOSAR, or Automotive open system architecture, is standard architectural software designed for application development, and mostly majority of the Automotive ECUs (electrical control units) and OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) are a part of the consortium of Autosar. It is basically a consortium that consists of suppliers, OEMs, semiconductor vendors, and tool developers.

What does an Autosar Certification course offer?

An Autosar certification course is available for beginners as well as advanced-level Autosar enthusiasts. You need to first learn the fundamentals of Autosar architecture, such as the basic or primary software modules like the Microcontroller abstraction layer (MCAL), service layer, ECU abstraction layer, RTE, SWCs, and VFB.

You can also learn the concepts of Autosar like E2E, multicore, J1939, the partial concept of networking, Autosar tools, technologies, and methodologies involved in the Autosar compliant ECU development, objective goals, Autosar partnership, best players in Autosar, benefits, communication flow, Autosar workflow, SWCs, RTE, the layer of ECU abstraction, MCAL, service layer, and application layer.

This certification course will also discuss Intra ECU communication and Inter ECU communication. Autosar frameworks are basically 2 types, one is Classic Autosar, and the other is Adaptive Autosar. The differences between these two are also covered in the course.

The course also discusses the ECU executables of Autosar, the required tools for generating ECU executables, and Autosar workflow with respect to supplier’s part and OEM’s part.

Who is this Autosar certification course for?

  • Autosar architecture development beginners.
  • Developers of automotive ECU (electrical control units).
  • Developers of automotive software.
  • Software developers, hardware developers, automotive industry, engineering students, electronic engineers, technicians, faculty members, and everybody who has a wish to learn AUTOSAR.

What is the purpose of layered software architecture in Autosar?

It generally describes the software architecture of the Autosar.

  • The layered architecture describes a top-down approach to Autosar’s hierarchical structure.
  • It helps in mapping the basic modules of the software to the software layers.
  • It shows the relationship between the software modules and software layers.
  • Autosar shows strong interaction with hardware like actuators and sensors.
  • It executes programs from external or internal flash memory and provides a real-time system.
  • It helps in connecting to vehicle networks such as LIN, CAN, Ethernet, or FlexRay.
  • The layer of Microcontroller Abstract is the lowest layer of software of the basic software. It has internal drivers that are necessarily software modules that give direct access to the internet peripherals.


In Autosar software the reusability of the program is improved.  Autosar has a layered architectural program, and there are multiple layers like RTE, service layer, BSW or basic software, complex drivers, MCAL, and many more.

If you are keen on learning, then you will benefit from an Autosar course or seminars such as a motor design seminar.

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