Things to know about Cisco CCIE update

Cisco CCIE update is a hot issue in the IT industry. In the past, we have been thinking about why to get Cisco’s CCNP certification, we have to take the CCNA first, why we fail CCIE LAB, and why the written test is useless. Finally, Cisco released a new Cisco Certification System on February 24, 2020, with a huge update, involving a comprehensive update from CCNA to CCIE, which Cisco called Next-Level Cisco Certification.

The biggest point of Cisco’s CCIE update this time is that the withdrawal of routing and switching from the stage of history, which will be replaced by CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure in Auckland. Cisco will start a new era. Moreover, Design direction is changed to DevNet direction, CCDA is changed to DevNet Associate, CCDP is changed to DevNet Professional. In addition, CCIE Wireless Certification is changed to CCIE Enterprise Wireless and the mode of CCIE examination is changed to written examination (350-401 encor and another concentration examination) + Design (3 hours) + Deployment Optimization (5 hours).

This update has also changed in the form of re-certification. The time of CCIE re-certification has changed to three years, and the form of re-certification has changed to 120 credits before it can be activated. It requires engineers to continuously learn new knowledge systematically to ensure that the technology they learn is always the latest and will not be eliminated by the market, which also makes the CCIE Certificate more valuable.

The new CCIE EI (CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Certification) will require network engineers not only to have the traditional post-sale implementation technology ability, but also to have certain network programming and scripting language ability, which will bring several changes.

First of all, the knowledge of routing and switching in traditional universities is far from enough, and we need to systematically learn more new technologies to improve our own competitiveness. In addition, the learning of knowledge is more comprehensive, and the direction of CCIE engineers in the future will be a development path with one superpower and multiple big-powers, that is, traditional network as the underlying proficient, and SDN, automatic operation and maintenance and network programming as auxiliary means, assisting engineers in dealing with increasingly complex network environment. At the same time, there may be new promotion paths for network engineers in the future, such as research, development and design engineers, rather than just traditional post-sale engineers and pre-sale engineers and so on.

Cisco’s CCIE update strategy is to move closer to DNA and automation. Combined with DNA, SD-WAN and other intelligent emerging technologies. The demand for human resources will be less and less, so that the original relatively simple implementation and delivery engineers have more opportunities to move forward to a higher level of design, research, and development!

In general, Cisco CCIE update is a process of survival of the fittest, which can ensure CCIE’s more comprehensive development, conform to the development of the times, and ensure that every CCIE can master the latest technologies.

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