Tips For Choosing a Fiber Laser Welder

The handheld laser welder is a new emergence of laser welding equipment popular for small jobs. It belongs to the non-contact welding category and does not require any pressure to work. The process involves irradiating a high-energy laser beam onto a material surface, where the beam heats the material, and the two materials interact to form the weld. This method is also known as pulsed-diode arc welding.

The beam of a fiber laser welder can be focused to a fine point and can be used to form a weld. The beam can produce a high-intensity laser, but it is not suitable for cutting through thick materials. A salesperson can help you determine whether a fiber laser welder is right for your needs.

Consider the beam quality:

First, consider the beam quality. A high-quality beam has a higher power density at the point where the weld is created. Secondly, it has a more considerable standoff distance and a deeper focus.

The power stability of a fiber laser welder is excellent. A 200 W fiber laser can be stable at 10% power. It can deliver a welding pulse of 20 mJ. A fiber laser welder is ideal for precision metal welding. Some of its typical applications include the manufacture of stents, medical meshes, thin membranes for pressure sensors, and other thin materials. The typical materials that can be welded with a fiber laser include 10-micron stainless steel foils, nickel wires, platinum coil wires, and 50 micron Nitinol wires.

The high-quality beam can be focused into a narrow optical delivery fiber, allowing for a smaller minimum beam waist diameter and a more considerable standoff distance. The high-quality beam can even be used for soldering. The high-quality beam is a significant benefit of the fiber laser welder. However, its main disadvantage is that it requires more time for the job to complete. But these drawbacks are offset by its many benefits.

The low-power fiber laser welding machine can weld small pieces of metal. Its small size allows it to work with a variety of materials. A single-mode laser is capable of focusing a 0.1mm-diameter beam. Multi-mode fiber can be used to weld thicker or thinner materials. The high-quality beam has the potential to weld at a distance of 0.45mm.

Advantages of using fiber laser welder:

The advantages of a fiber laser welder over other welding methods are numerous. The fiber laser can join dissimilar metals, and it has a high aspect ratio. The seam of a laser-welded product is smooth with no air holes. Its high-quality beam ensures a smooth and consistent finish. The benefits of this new technology have led more home appliance manufacturers to use it. Its fast speed, reliability, and flexibility make it an attractive option for all industries.

Another advantage of a fiber laser is its power stability. In most cases, it is stable up to 10 percent of its full power, making it ideal for high-power applications. The beam is stable up to a maximum of 20 MJ, sufficient for welds of small diameters. In addition, the welder can weld thin membranes that are a couple of microns in thickness.

The fiber laser is a highly stable process, and its power stability is excellent. A 200-watt fiber laser will only lose 10% of its energy at any time. A 200-watt fiber laser will stay stable at its total capacity if set to 20 mJ. Because of this, a fiber laser is an excellent choice for minor medical meshes and stents. It can even be used to fabricate thin membranes for pressure sensors.

This type of fiber laser welder is perfect for small and intricate parts. Due to their high-power laser, they can be used to weld a wide variety of materials. These machines can weld 1mm thick aluminum and can weld as thin as 0.1mm. Some can even be used to join materials that are too tough to be welded. You will need to know the thickness of the materials you plan to join to be compatible.

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