Tips for Hosting Board Game Nights Online

Although you cannot recreate drinking with your friends online, you can organise a fun board game night that everyone misses so much. Not only will you remember how fun it was to socialise, but you’ll also gather all of your friends in one place without putting anyone in danger.

To host a board game night everyone will remember, you’ll need to take care of a few things first. For instance, make sure you have a suitable number of people willing to join in and play, prepare various gaming options to choose from, and create a friendly setup.

To make it all happen, take a look at a few options below.

Discord Gaming Parties

Discord gaming parties are not reserved only for games like Jackbox. In fact, with a good setup and a little bit of imagination, you and your friends can enjoy a board game night from the comfort of your homes.

In order to play remotely, you’ll need to choose the host. The idea is to use the host’s camera and point it at the table where the board has been laid out. If everyone can see the board and the host can move the pieces around, we don’t see why Discord parties wouldn’t be able to work.


Nevertheless, not all games can be played this way. For example, Clues might be a tad difficult to manage, but still possible if players agree to write down the info on their own cards. Unfortunately, though, any card game is a no-go in this particular setup.

Tabletop Simulator

One of the things that is bound to save your game night is Tabletop Simulator, which is available on Steam. Up to ten players can use lifelike tools to control virtual models of physical objects (game pieces, dice, boards, cards, etc.). You can even flip the table over in a moment of rage if that’s what you want to do.

You can pick one of the built-in board games or choose one from the various community mods available. In addition, the game and board can be customised according to your preferences. Finally, you can even use voice or built-in text chat to make communication easier.

The only disadvantage of Tabletop Simulator is that it might take some time and effort to make a game that isn’t already there. It’s not impossible, but it’ll take you a while. Something that shouldn’t take time but greatly reward you is wagering on any of the Best casino bonuses for May.


If you prefer Dungeons and Dragons over anything else, Roll20 is the perfect choice for you. With this online tool, you’ll be able to customise maps, create characters and other tools, and automate dice rolls. All of these features are free, but you can also take advantage of the game’s market.

The marketplace comes with numerous resources and books that you can purchase. Just like its in-person tabletop counterpart, Roll20 requires investment to build on the game. You can even buy a $100/year subscription and create custom characters and tools.

Bear in mind that Roll20 and D&D Beyond services overlap in some areas, but the latter doesn’t come with a virtual tabletop. However, if you want an encyclopedia to go with your Roll20 tabletop, you might want to use both.

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