Tips To Create Wow With Lehenga Choli For Any Skin Complex

A lehenga choli’s alluring appeal is undeniable due to its elaborate patterns, eye-catching hues, and graceful form. Any woman can become a vision of grace and poise when wearing this classic attire. However, choosing a lehenga choli that goes well with the colour of your skin can really make a difference.

Over the years, you’ve probably heard many people tell you that you look great in red, that pink is your hue, or that blue makes you appear extremely youthful. But when you’re a woman, you already know that “pink” encompasses a wide range of hues, as do “red” and “blue.” So, choosing the proper shade of lehenga choli for the colour of your skin is said to be half the battle won when it relates to your wedding appearance. But how can you determine which colour lehenga choli would look best on you? Well, we got your concern, No matter what your skin tone is, we’ll review some helpful advice in this blog post to help you make a “WOW” statement with your lehenga choli.

Understand Your Skin Tones and Undertones.

Determining your skin tone is the first step in selecting the perfect bridal lehenga choli colour. You are either light, wheatish, or darkish. Decide which category you fit into before selecting the colour of your lehenga choli. This is significant since there are only really two tones: warm and cool. You have a cool undertone if the veins on your wrist are blue and warm undertones if they are green. Soft colours like light green, light pink, and pastels will look best on you if your undertone is cool. However, colours with warm undertones, such as red, orange, and yellow, will look fantastic!

What Colours Look Best On Your Skin Tones And Undertones

The following step is taken after determining whether you have a warm or cool undertone. Identifying the colours that complement your skin tone. Following this straightforward rule will help:

Cool Skin Tone (Fair Skin Tone)

Those who have cool, pale complexion should wear cooler hues. These skin tones look better in delicate pastel tones and colours. Pick richer jewel tones instead of something too bright because it could look too stark. Darker hues like emerald green and deep blue are preferable to brighter ones if you want to choose something other than a pastel. Avoid using shades like orange or tomato red with a faint fluorescent tint. It’s essential to keep in mind that some pastel colours, like beige, may thoroughly wash you out.

Warm Skin Tone (Medium Skin Tone)

Reds, greens or royal blues, orange, and even yellow colours look nice in warm, medium complexion tones. Any colour that rapidly brightens the face, such as fiery hues of orange, yellow, hot pink, or fuchsia, is excellent for this skin tone. If you choose a pastel colour scheme, light pink should be chosen above blush pink, beige, or white. If you wish to think about dark colours, choose the more vibrant variations instead. Choose royal blue instead of midnight blue, ultraviolet instead of deep purple, and emerald green instead of bottle green. Read more about the best inventory management software apps sarkepo.

Olive Skin Tone (Dark/Dusky Skin Tone)

Many Indian girls have this skin tone, and many dusky and wheatish brides would fall into this category. When paired with the appropriate colour, this skin tone can look stunning! This skin tone looks stunning with warm pinks, darker corals, and burnt orange. Pastel colours like mint green and soft pastel pink look fantastic on this skin tone. Both millennial pink and lilac are fantastic colours to choose from. Depending on your skin tone, anything that is too bright may or may not work. So, stay away from neon colours that look highly brilliant and cool-toned reds, oranges, and pink!

What if the lehenga you adore doesn’t go well with your complexion?

If you genuinely love something that doesn’t suit you well, there are ways to get around it- you just need to be wiser! Let’s say you have an olive complexion and fell in love with a vibrant shade of orange or pink, or you have a cold skin tone and adored a beige lehenga. A hack would be to change the blouse to one that flatters you in a lighter or more contrasting colour or to alter the inner lining of your dupatta that covers your head to illuminate your face. You may also throw in another dupatta in a shade that goes well with your skin tone! Below are a few more hacks for you:

Recognising Your Colours According to The Seasons.

The time of year you are getting married also has a bearing on the colour of your lehenga. In this way, if you are a lady of the hour during a colder season, you should make it a point to choose darker varieties like red, maroon, or orange, and if you are a lady of the hour during a late spring season, choose lighter hues of varieties like powder blue, light pink, and other light colours.

Selecting The Ideal Jewellery and Makeup for Your Special Day

If you contrast jewellery with a lehenga, it might add a splash of colour that complements you, so pick a colour that complements your skin tone. The colour of your makeup is more significant than the colour of your clothing. A splash of brightness in your cosmetics can drastically change your appearance, even if you make a minor winy mistake when wearing a lehenga. Every woman feels confident in her skin, so your focus should be on enhancing your overall appearance with the ideal bridal lehenga.

Don’t Just Follow the Trend!

Even though most traditional brides choose a red bridal lehenga, ask yourself if red is actually your hue. Red might look better on a bride with darker skin than on one with fair skin. While a pink bridal lehenga choli is more appropriate for brides with pale skin than those with darker skin tones. You see, buy the shade that complements your skin tone, whether it be fair or wheat-coloured. Consider which lehenga colour best complements your skin tone. Don’t just go along with the trends. Even though pastel lehengas are popular, you shouldn’t purchase one of those colours for your wedding attire.

Online Lehenga Shopping for The Ideal Lehenga.

Since it is now so evident which tone to choose that is perfectly right for your skin, try yourself by looking into the variety that suits you the best. And once you have chosen the attire that best complements your skin tone, it’s time to do some lehenga choli online shopping! In the convenience of your home, online shopping enables you to compare the costs, collections, and styles of numerous designers. If you intend to purchase a lehenga choli online, be sure to do so from a trustworthy seller like Tirumala Designers, who not only provide the newest styles of lehenga choli for women but also ones of excellent quality and range of sizes. The website of Tirumala Designers is also beautifully organised and user-friendly, with plenty of collections available for each type of lehenga, making it simple for you to select one that suits your complexion. You can also visit their stores in Mumbai and have a fantastic shopping experience!

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