school uniforms or pajamas are essential for health personnel, veterinary, dentistry or cosmetic areas. These allow each of the specialists and workers to carry out their work safely and thus prevent the spread of bacteria or microorganisms. For this, it is extremely important that the uniform they use is always in good condition and properly cleaned.

If you recently purchased a school uniforms, here are a series of recommendations for you to perform optimal care and cleaning of your scrub. Necessary care that requires a scrub or school uniform.


The first step before cleaning your scrubs is to read their labels. These will tell you the maintenance and cleaning methods you will need to follow to ensure your uniforms are kept in good condition.


To properly clean your uniform and extend its useful life, we recommend the following:

Wash uniforms in cold water and always do it separately to prevent the spread of bacteria on other clothes. Use the washing machine to efficiently remove dirt and select the “delicates” cycle.

Another tip that can work for you is to wash your clothes inside out. This will prevent the colors from fading quickly and the embroidery will last longer.

It is not recommended that you wash your scrubs by hand, as this will not guarantee proper cleaning of the garments.


To prevent your uniforms from getting damaged in the wash, avoid using bleach or chlorine on your colored scrubs, as this can stain or discolor them.

Chlorine, despite being a disinfectant, can damage garments in the medium term and thus reduce the resistance of fabrics. Also, it can cause skin allergies. Our recommendation is that you use liquid detergent for colored clothes.


To dry your uniforms you should not use the dryer, as it can damage or burn the fabric.

To dry your school uniforms, the ideal is to hang them in the shade and let them dry throughout the day.


Once your uniform is dry, you can go on to delicately iron your clothes.

To do this you can use steam iron or traditional iron, but always place a canvas between the garment and the iron to avoid damaging the fabrics and seams.


If you want to make stain removal much easier, consider getting scrubs or pajamas that are liquid or stain resistant. This way you can keep your uniform impeccable for longer.

At warnocks you can find a line of school uniforms,Fluid Resistant scrubs, which are ideal for those specialists who are in contact with fluids, water or some other contaminant. Its state-of-the-art fabric is made to protect you from these splashes, thus preventing your body from coming into direct contact with them.

What did you think of these recommendations?

Follow these tips for the care and maintenance of your schooluniforms and thus extend the life of your garments, while guaranteeing the safety and hygiene of your work area and patients.

Are you looking for a schooluniform or pajamas for women or schoolpajamas for men? At MR BON you can find a large number of models in different colors and styles, made with the highest quality fabric, to give you the best protection, resistance, and comfort while you go about your workday. Discover here all our collections and buy online.

How to wear the work uniform correctly?

This is a very important issue for companies, whether or not they uniform their employees, because they are brand ambassadors and are representing the image of an entire company.

That is why we give you some tips on how to wear the work uniform correctly:

Do not make alterations to the uniform, that is, you must not cut it, paint it, or add any type of accessory that alters its image.

Keep the uniform clean and complete.

You must take into account the color and size of your accessories, make sure that they combine perfectly with the uniform, and that they are not too exaggerated.

Wear only the shoe that has been specified for your uniform. Do not wear sandals, Swedish shoes, platforms or shoes with any kind of details such as roses, butterflies, diamonds, etc.

If the uniform requires veiled stockings, you should always have a spare in your bag, because you don’t know when you may need them.

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