Tips to Know Before Moving Your Company to A New Location

Moving a company to a new location consists of some same procedures as moving your home. It involves different bulky furniture, many small items, etc., but the difference is the electronic pieces of stuff. A company generally has other machines which need a lot of attention and hard work to relocate. A small or a large office requires much more workforce from a moving company and some responsible men from your side to navigate them properly. Here I will share some tips that you can follow to make the kontorflytting Oslo process as smooth as possible.

Which tips can make your office relocating very smooth?

  1. Plan early

 When it comes the time of kontoravvikling Oslo to a new place, you should plan the process earlier. You should plan the doing procedure, the people involved with it, and the work time. Else, you will struggle at the last moment because you won’t find anyone who will work at mid-night to pack or unpack items from the boxes. Planning early will help you to keep everything ready for transport. You should keep your plan prepared for the new office. When you arrive there with your carrier and items, you will need people to set up everything newly and correctly. You may make a blueprint to create a layout to make the most use of the office space. Don’t forget about your budget. It is also a key factor of your moving.

  1. Appoint a responsible person

It requires a team effort of everyone to increase the success chances in everything. It is also applicable in offices relocating to Oslo. You will need to assign a man as a manager to facilitate each setup to ensure that everything is running smoothly. The best person in your office is the person who is an administrative assistant. But you can also appoint a man who has experience in kontoravvikling Oslo.

  1. Research of the best professional moving company

It is always recommended to research a company and talk to two other or three companies to ensure the service you can get the most. Because moving an office in Oslo is very expensive. If you have a friendly budget, you should hire a company to do the entire work of relocation. A full service includes packing your office items, loading and unloading in the truck, and unpacking in the new place. To make the most accurate work, invite a representative from each company you selected and show them how you want your job done. They can also suggest you some scope of work. These things are difficult to talk about over the phone.

  1. Talk to everyone to pack up their desk

It will be a great help to you if every one of your offices packs their desk items while moving company is busy with the larger things. You should try to encourage them the work a bit earlier and inform them not to wait for the last moment.

  1. Give attention to the I.T. department

 Almost every office has its I.T. department where lots of techs and servers are set up. It is one of the most complicated works to disconnect the techs and reconnect in the new place. The techs include computers, phones, services, internet connections, data, etc. Some equipment will be there which you won’t be any of your work in the new office. You should have a plan about those things whether you are going to sell or donate.

Unless the new location is under the ownership of your company, let everyone know about the new building’s rules. Make sure about the change of location of the new place in the documents of your office. As kontorflytting Oslo is a stressful event for everyone, you can celebrate your new space with a small party to be comfortable.

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