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Tips to prevent against water damages

Nobody is waiting for damage. Yet there are things that are sometimes forgotten and that involve considerable risks. That is why we are happy to help you with a number of tips to prevent damage.

Do you have leakage in your home?

In the event of a leak, look for the cause, without breaking or hacking into walls or walls. If the cause cannot be found visually, contact your insurance. Your insurer will engage specialists. If you let an installer look for the cause yourself, the costs for the hacking and breaking work are often not covered.

Have a leak fixed in the house

To make sure that the leak has been resolved, you can call in a plumber from our plumbing company. Our plumbers have the necessary knowledge, experience, and tools to detect leaks for you. With our modern methods, it is in many cases not necessary to perform chopping and breaking work. This way we prevent unnecessary damage to your home.

Tip: always take sufficient photos of the fascia building and the source of the leak. This makes it easier to get reimbursed for the costs of repairing the water damage through your insurer.

Tip 1.

Electricity is heat. So make sure that cable reels are completely rolled out during use. This prevents the cables from overheating, melting, and catching fire. Your vacuum cleaner also contains a cable reel.

Tip 2.

Unplug your charger after use. Chargers continue to draw power after use and become warm. Removing these will reduce the risk of fire and save on your electricity bill.

Tip 3.

Make sure that your sealant seams and joints are in excellent condition. Water damage as a result of poor sealant seams and joints is often not covered.

Tip 4.

Provide clean gutters. Particularly with so-called intermediate gutters, it is of great importance to keep the gutters clean. In case of heavy rainfall, the gutter will be completely necessary to drain the water. Clean gutters significantly reduce the risk of water damage.

Tip 5.

Always lock your front door. It’s so easy to close the door behind you and hit the road. ‘After all, you can’t get in from the outside without a key. Nothing is less true. Professional burglars can open your door in seconds with a simple pass. So lock the door!

Repair water damage in your home

Are you sure the leak has been resolved? In that case, the moisture will first have to be removed from your home before you can start repairing the water damage. Covering the mold with a new layer of paint, for example, does not make sense if the moisture is still in your wall or ceiling. Shortly after the water damage has been repaired, the mold will become visible again. In such cases when you can’t figure out what to do then call Water Restoration Company.

You can get the moisture out of your home by using so-called moisture absorbers. Empty the moisture absorbers once a week so you can use them again! It is also advisable to let your home pass through every morning.

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