Tips to Study class 11 Biology

Class 11 and 12 are known as the most crucial two years of a student’s life, which eventually determines their future. However, most of the students tend to ignore their studies and go on enjoying their life for the excitement of joining college. Therefore, the majority of class 11 students get a bad result. It is important to laugh and stay happy in life through various forms of entertainment but you must check the balance between study and enjoyment. Students who are aspiring doctors and engineers have to study seriously in class 11 without wasting much of their time. All the syllabus of Physics, Chemistry, Maths, and Biology are important for popular engineering and medical entrance exams like JEE Main, JEE Advanced, BITSAT, NEET, and AIIMS. To clear these highly competitive exams, you should take CBSE class 11 preparation seriously. Read this article in detail to know more about the preparation tips of class 11 Biology.

The syllabus of the biology of class 11 is quite confusing and difficult for solving questions in the competitive exams.  You need to concentrate on the subject from the very beginning otherwise, it is impossible to cope up. Below are certain ideas, which you can follow-

  •         Choose your mentor wisely

 The subject Biology needs a detailed explanation of all the topics irrespective of your understanding. You will end up missing important information if you study on your own every day.  The topic of plant kingdom consists of terms like gymnosperms that are called connecting link and living fossil, which is explained in detail in class 12. The work of the teacher is to link both the chapters, teach you well, and get your concepts strong.

  •         Focus on the examples

 All the technical terms and examples which are hard to memorize at a glance are difficult. However, never go by the tricks because that thing works in lower classes but never in higher classes.

    If you want to learn an example, associate it with a letter, story, or matching word. The process seems to be easy but if you forget one single trick then all the examples will go out of your head.

  •         Go through each line of the chapter

  Give importance to every small detail because you never know from where questions will be set.

  •         Make notes out of all the lectures and even study materials

  You should rely on the notes before the night of the examination. However, taking notes does not include decorating the whole book or copying with colored pens and highlighters. All the important terms and keywords are written in such a  manner with which you can revise easily.

  •         Go through the same chapters repeatedly

The NCERT Books Class 11 Biology consists of all the information that is necessary for exam preparation. Your brain is not so genius that it can memorize all the information from day 1 until your exam date. That is why revising the same topic repeatedly helps in remembering all the details. It will be helpful for all the students to go through the topics before exams, as you already know it.

As you know that, the subject of biology is a complete theory paper consisting of notes, diagrams, and important practicals. Reading every concept from the main book is very essential for scoring well in the examination. Maintain a schedule and notebook where you will write day-to-day progress. In this way, you will be able to complete the full syllabus and save time for revision.

Note down all the important terms, points, short descriptions, diagrams, flow charts, scientific names, and many more. Revise all the notes regularly so that you remember them till your main exams. Solve all the questions given in the book every time you finish a chapter. You can also solve multiple-choice questions from the reference books for the competitive exams. Revise the questions and answers regularly of both theory and practical questions. The detailed biology syllabus is given on the CBSE Class 11 website. Mentors and schoolteachers will suggest covering all the related reference topics from each chapter as questions can come from anywhere within the syllabus or near the syllabus.

  •         Solve questions of different patterns

 Be confident to tackle any type of question in the exam as biology questions can come from anywhere. Therefore, it is better to get accustomed to that pattern before the examination. For scoring well in the exams, students are guided to solve a lot of sample papers and mock test papers for getting an idea about the real examination. Go through the previous year’s question paper.  It will help to be acquainted with many questions variations and understand the question difficulty level.

  •         Practice diagrams and note important terms

This subject has a lot of diagrams and important terms, which are essential for the examination. Biology also includes an ocean of important diagrams, which needs enough practice. Thoroughly practice them and memorize the keywords properly to be able to write in the answer sheet properly. Flashcards or notes are useful in remembering the topics and revising them efficiently.

  •         Go through the same topics

To retain the concepts for a longer time you need a continuous revision for this subject. Go through all the topics and check for the individual marks of the chapters. Each chapter consists of different marks so study accordingly. Focus more on the chapters which hold greater marks.

  •         Always try to write neatly and divide new sections on a new page.
  •         Write the answers in a proper order without jumping or skipping.
  •         Always label the diagrams for the five marks and three marks questions even if not stated in the question.
  •         Underline and highlight the keywords in the answer.
  •         Revise all the answers before submitting your answer scripts.


Tuitions are not required precisely for the subject of biology as all the notes can be prepared by a student according to his/her capacity. You can always consult a teacher for solving your problems. It is essential to attend Biology classes in school regularly. For the preparation of chapters like Biomolecules, you should not hesitate for taking help from the teacher.

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