Tired of betting and losing? Read these tips

The development of technology has led to the fact that a modern person has the opportunity to conclude sports bets at every opportunity. If earlier for betting you had to look for the nearest office that accepts bets, today it is enough to have a laptop or smartphone at hand. It will take just a few minutes to choose the site with the most favorable conditions, as well as to register and start placing bets. Players should be responsible for betting to increase their chances of winning every next bet. To bet on kabaddi online in India it is necessary to find a bookmaker that the player can fully trust. It is such a platform that is presented by the link. Years of experience, high quotes, a large selection of line events, and generous bonuses make bets on the bookmaker’s website the right choice.

How to assess the likelihood of events?

To make sports betting more predictable, you need to learn how to estimate the probabilities. There are several different ways to do this. One of them will be looking at previous matches and drawing your conclusions about which team had a clear advantage over them. You can also take a close look at the latest sports news. Often the probability of winning is estimated directly from the quotes. Over time, a player may develop the ability to estimate individual players’ chances of winning simply by looking at statistics from the previous season.

More reliable is the mathematical method of determining the probability of a team winning. To do this, it will be enough to select the last 10 matches and see how many meetings she managed to win. Next, you need to calculate the chance using the following formula – x / 10 * 100%, where x will be the number of victories in the last matches. For example, if a club is victorious in 7 out of 10 games, then the probability of winning is 70 percent. At the same time, players need to take into account that sports matches are devoid of static, which prevails in this mathematical formula. Different variables can change in them:

  • playing field (match at home or away);
  • coach’s attitude;
  • line-up;
  • motivation and atmosphere within the team.

You should never make a bet without detailed preparation. Players do not have to independently determine the probability and mathematical expectation of each outcome. Instead, you can take advantage of ready-made results, for example, by looking at analyst forecasts. Care should also be taken when choosing forecasters. It is better to use sites for this, where information is available regarding the frequency of correct predictions. The more likely the prediction is correct, the better it will be for the player.

During betting, it makes sense to create a separate table in which all the playing and losing bets will be marked. It is necessary to indicate not the amounts or dates of the bets, but the beta format – single, express, or system, as well as the type of bet – on a win, total, individual statistics, and so on. What is this self-control for? With its help, it will be possible to understand which outcomes bring victory more often.

Players who have not yet chosen a specific betting strategy should always be in control of their risks. This approach involves giving up bets if the odds exceed a certain value. For example, gamblers are not advised to place bets if the odds are higher than 2.5 unless they have inside information. You should also set a certain limit on bets during the day, do not exceed it.

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