Top 10 Places to Play Pokemon Go

For a Pokémon Go player, you sure want to know where there are more Pokemons, and what are the best places to play Pokémon Go.

Well, in this post you will have the best coordinates for Pokémon Go 2021. And a simple solution to teleport to a place you want without moving.

It’s creepy and fun, right? Let’s explore now!

Top 10 best coordinates and places to play Pokémon Go 2021

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Top 10 best coordinates and places to play Pokémon Go 2021

Well let us introduce you to the best places to play Pokémon Go so that you can find the largest number of them.

  1. Pier 39, San Francisco, United States

GPS coordinates: 37 ° 48’33.5736 ″ N, 122 ° 24’35.9316 ″ W

San Francisco is a great place to find a good number of Pokémon. Although they will be more spread out in the area, you still have a good chance of finding a handful of Pokémon in your area in San Francisco. San Francisco’s iconic Pier 39 area is filled with many Pokestops that make it an ideal place to find supplies and grab them on your way.

San Francisco

Since it’s right on the water, you’ll be lucky enough to farm not just water-type Pokémon, but almost all kinds. In other areas of the city there are also many Pokémon and their stops; therefore, if you are in this city, it is a good start to go exploring the city of the beautiful land and water, as well as finding some rare Pokémon along the way.

  1. Millennium Park in Chicago, United States

GPS coordinates: 41 ° 52′53 ″ N, 87 ° 37′33 ″ W

The city where you can find some well-known sites to explore in Chicago. It’s good for a good day out and it’s perfect for finding a handful of Pokémon. Playing Pokémon Go in the Millennium Park area of ​​Chicago will allow you to collect many Pokémon on your way.

Millennium Park in Chicago

You can also take a good photo with The Bean, Navy Pier and Willis Tower. These places are known for giving out the best and rarest Pokémon many times over. You can also find stalls, lures, and gyms in most areas.

  1. Santa Monica Pier in Los Angeles, United States

GPS coordinates: 34 ° 01′01 ″ N, 118 ° 49′56 ″ W

The Santa Monica Pier, in Los Angeles, will bring you closer to the possibility of catching many interesting and rare Pokémon in the United States. This is a well-known place where many Pokémon are found. The rarer Pokémon such as Gloom, Dratini, Squirtle, and Slowpoke are found in this area.

Santa Monica Pier

Pokémon that are not normally found are easily found here. Water types like Goldeen and Magikarp do well here. Besides going to Santa Monica, you can also go to Beverly Hills.

  1. Disneyland in Anaheim, United States

GPS coordinates: 33 ° 81′21 ″ N, 117 ° 91′84 ″ W

Disneyland in Anabeim

The world full of so much animation and fun also has many Pokémon. Disneyland, in Anaheim, is a place where there can be a lot of people playing the game, and therefore, you will easily find a Pokémon yourself. With so many people in an area, lures are often easily found in the surrounding area. And if it’s a cool place to fight you’re looking for, Sleeping Beauty Castle can serve the cause well.

  1. Big Ben in London, UK

GPS Coordinates: 51 ° 30’2.16 “N, 0 ° 7’28.74” W

London is another great option to hunt some Pokémon. There are also many iconic places here. Big Ben is a gym where you can find some Pokémon, so if you are a regular at gyms you may be able to look for your next Pokémon catch here. You can find many Pokémonstops here in London, as there are many landmarks in this ancient city.

Big ben

You can stock up on your supplies if you are in the city center and you can always have the opportunity to keep exploring new places for you, old ones, which are great to explore while you play.

  1. Circular Pier in Sydney, Australia

GPS Coordinates: 151 ° 12’26.35 “E, 33 ° 52’4.26” S

Circular spring

You have a lot of chances to catch Pokémon in this area. Circular Quay, in Sydney, is known for the Pokémon that he has. It is an area in front of water points. Therefore, you may also be lucky to find rare types of water. There is also a gym nearby, so there are plenty of options to find some of the best Pokemon.

  1. The Colosseum in Rome, Italy

GPS coordinates: 41 ° 53′25 ″ N 12 ° 29′32 ″ E

The Colosseum in Rome

In this beautiful place you will not only be able to contemplate some incredible and picturesque views of the ancient architecture, but you will also be able to see some Pokémon such as Squirtle, Pikachu and Oddish. Rome is full of Pokémon, and everyone, young and old, has joined the trend. In this place you will find many Pokémon.

  1. Shibuya in Tokyo, Japan

GPS coordinates: 35 ° 39′30 ″ N 139 ° 42′05 ″ E


The list cannot be complete without including Tokyo as the best place to get Pokémon in Pokémon Go. This city is simply an ideal place to catch Pokémon. You can find so many places to play here that the options can be overwhelming. Many popular areas of the city will offer you Pokestops, gyms and much more. Shibuya, in this case, is an ideal place to find great Pokémon.

  1. Lumpini Park in Bangkok, Thailand

GPS coordinates: 13 ° 43′50.0016 ″ N, 100 ° 32’29.9904 ″ E

Lumpini Park

Why not find some of the best Pokémon in this nice and breezy park called Lumpini Park in Bangkok. In this park, you may need a lot of PokeStops and also a gym in the center. It is also the best place to scare Pokémon Go.

  1. Negara Zoo in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

GPS coordinates: 3 ° 12′35 ″ N 101 ° 45′28 ″ E

Negara Zoo

Like all other places to find Pokemon, the Negara Zoo is also great for seeing the best Pokemon. You can find many gyms and Pokémonstops in this place. It will be a great place for a retreat after a busy and tiring day.

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