Top 10 Software outsourcing companies in Vietnam 

What is the trend for Information technology? I assume that you definitely heard about software outsourcing. This is one of the top of the list trending in this digital era. Why I said that? The model of software outsourcing is accelerating now more than ever. Every company choose outsourcing method towards cost effective and efficient software development projects. 

So, what is software outsourcing? Software outsourcing is defined when companies choose to have custom software development solutions developed by a third party. Outsourcing software development brings many benefits including cost and time saving, reduced risk and increased security.

In today’s digitalized business landscape, companies have access to the world’s top software developers. Both established companies and startups can access and use outsourcing to develop their products.

No matter it’s small or big companies with outsourcing needs, software outsourcing companies must be ready to solve projects at any point during the software life cycle. Nowadays, almost software outsourcing companies are offered under a remote operating model which allows companies to hire the top-notch team of professionals from across the global.

In general, software outsourcing services include software consulting, automated business process, expertise in web and mobile application development, etc. Today, we will present Top 10 Software outsourcing companies in Vietnam you can trust.

1. OutsourcingVN – Vietnam Outsourcing Company

There is a simple reason why OutsourcingVN is listed in this Top 10 Software outsourcing companies in Vietnam. As one of the leading Vietnam outsourcing software development companies, their mission is to strive to drive the Vitenam software development industry forward. Besides implementing outsourcing projects and working for more than 1200 clients all over the world, they also help thousands of global partner to recruit developers to accomplish their fulltime and parttime jobs for outsourcing projects. 

With more than 50 staff, OutsourcingVn has the full resources and the abilities to handle any web, mobile and software projects. It has been trusted by many customers all around the world, ranging from startup to enterprise companies. No matter you are looking for someone to manage all the technical aspects of your business or you are looking for an offshore team to support your existing developers, OutsourcingVN has the team you need.

With years of experience serving key partners from the US and India, OutsourcingVn provides high quality output on schedule. Besides, it also offers a highly flexible pricing model based on customer needs.

Experience an impressive and free software consultancy, let’s access here:

2. InApps – IT outsourcing company

Founded in 2016, InaApps is a software development firm located in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam. With the mission Realize Your Ideas, they claimed that they can turn clients’ amazing ideas into real life. They provide software development solutions to many startups around the world. Their services focus on solutions that are flexible, tailored to the customer and on the rigorous time requirements of the customer. Not only provide WOW experience to satisfy clients but also help them achieve memorable success milestones.

They provide 4 types of services:

  • Website development
  • Outsource mobile app development
  • UI/UX design
  • Offshore development

3. High Productivity – software outsourcing company

High Productivity is considered as one of the top 10 software outsourcing companies in Vietnam. They are a strong team of dedicated developers who have worked in many prestigious firm such as Ant Finance, Alibaba, Atlassian and Common Wealth Bank of Australia that ready to address all the software development tasks that help clients meet their goals. Established in 2012, with over 9 years of experience, servered 47 customers and participated in more than 60 projects, they have accumulated a lot of experience in the fields of software and web development to create fully fledged web and mobile solutions that help clients achieve their business goals. 

They are currently offering 3 types of services:

  • Web development
  • Mobile development
  • Devops

4. CMC Global

CMC Global was founded in 2017, which is the newest member of CMC group. Having said that, with the support from a long-standing ICT and key insights ito the local IT market, CMC global is to strive to become one of the leading software outsourcing companies in Vietnam. After 3 years working as an IT outsourcing development services, they have achieved Sao Khue Award –  the Biggest Award of Vietnam Software Industry. Honda, IBM and Samsung is their famous customers. 

CMC Global’s services:

  • Custom software development
  • Software maintenance
  • Legacy Migration
  • Testing service

5. KMS – Technology 

You are looking for an offshore software development team with the technical expertise to bring your vision and make it a reality? KMS can be the right choice for your business. 

KMS – Technology is one of the leading software outsourcing development companies. Based out of Atlanta, Georgia with offices in California and Vietnam, they deliver innovative software solutions through a customer-centric approach. Like companies in the top 10 list of software outsourcing companies in Vietnam, they spend time researching the business and customer needs, finding solutions that match the customer’s goals. 

About their services, they offer full scale of 3 key-scale agile development services: 

  • Software development
  • Testing services
  • Consulting

6. S3 Corp – IT outsourcing company

S3 Corporation is absolutely not out of this list. As a leading software outsourcing development company in Vietnam, S3 Corp has proven itself in a challenging and competitive environment. By utilizing high quality human resources and with extensive experience in the outsourcing industry, they bring extensive software development solutions at competitive prices. Besides, by leveraging some of the latest technologies and tools in the market today, thus ensuring products that are on par with current and future industry standards.

They provide wide range of services:

  • Software development
  • New feature development
  • Existing feature enhancement
  • Automation test tool development
  • Testing
  • Maintenance support services.
  • Etc.

7. IVC – IBS Vietnam

Founded in 2003, IVC Vietnam is a wholly-owned subsidiary of a Japan IBS group, which located in Tan Binh Dist., Ho Chi Minh city. Since 2003, IVC Vietnam has been included in the list of the leading high-quality software outsourcing companies in Vietnam. They have also received significant honors and awards for 15 years actively providing quality solutions through innovative technologies such as CRM, Supply Chain, manufacturing, Accounting, HRM, core banking, etc.

They have a well-trained team globally with 40% of engineers from Japan, the rest coming from Vietnam and other countries. They have 2 main types of services: Outsourcing and IT Solutions.

8. Agile Tech – software outsourcing company

Agile Tech was established in 2015 in Hanoi, Vietnam with the mission provide reliable technical solutions for enterprise to boost their business. By focusing on delivering successful and innovative solutions at affordable price and within short timelines, the company has a spot of the top 10 software outsourcing development companies in Vietnam. 

Agile Tech has developed custom software products for many types of fields, including e-commerce, social media and entertainment, fintech solutions, travel and hotel, real estate, etc.

About their services, they specializing in web development, mobile app development, blockchain and Ai-big data services.

9. Saigon Technology

Founded in 2012 with only 3 software developers, however, by focusing on delivering the best and most cost-effective solutions to its clients, Saigon Technology Saigon is currently applying its name to the software development outsourcing company club in Vietnam. With 170 software engineers their competence lies in providing different development and outsourcing options at competitive prices, depending on the needs of each customer.

Their capabilities span projects of different technologies: Azure, AWS, ReactJS, Microservices, .NET Core, NodeJS, AI, PHP, Angular, etc.

10. TP&P technology 

In this top 10 software outsourcing companies in Vietnam, TP&P Technology can be seen as the Silicon Valley of Vietnam. With the team of highly skilled software engineers in Vietnam and international, with the real-wide experience providing solutions on many modern platforms and technologies, from custom software development to business solution consultancy, they will help you achieve big wins.


Every company in this list has their own drawbacks and perks in their team, services and workflow. However, these companies have a proven track record and an impressive portfolio to prove themselves worthy of a list top 10 software outsourcing companies in Vietnam. So, all you have to do is check out their portfolio and request a quote for each specific project, ask for details about the workflow, work model or you can contact their own customers to know their experience working with these outsourced accounting companies in Vietnam.

If you have any questions about outsourcing to Vietnam, please contact:

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Phone: (+84)35 481 6268

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