Top 3 Differences Between Running Digital and Physical Workplaces

If you caught yourself in the dilemma of not knowing whether to have a digital or physical workplace, go over this article to learn about what they are and the main differences between the two. 

Definition of digital and physical workplaces

A physical workplace refers to an office located in a certain location, where the office workers go to work daily. It is a traditional form of an office, requiring the existence of physical team rooms, office amenities, and facilities. 

Whereas the digital workspace is a platform, the employees are present virtually at work. Andcards is an excellent example of how digital offices and workspaces exist, offering the team members to communicate with each other digitally and commute to work on a virtual platform. 

Core differences

As we have learned what digital and physical workplaces are, it’s high time to cover their core differences. Continue reading to learn the top differences between digital and physical workplaces.

Workplace existence

First of all, as noted from the definitions, the main difference refers to workplace existence. If your business operates locally and aims to target customers in a certain city or neighborhood, having a physical workplace is significant. 

Let’s say you have a marketing and design agency offering other businesses services, such as printing, designing, and placing banners or other ad displays. Obviously, your services require local consumption. Your designers or other specialists should be working in a physical office to ensure face-to-face contact and communication with the customers from your neighborhood. 

In the case of the digital workspace, your company chooses a digital platform that ensures a variety of features to organize work, ensure management and communication of the team members, and external communication.

Communication approaches

As hinted above, communication approaches vary from having a digital workspace and physical workplace. Employees working in a physical office contribute to the daily face-to-face communication. Moreover, during customer visits, they also communicate with them. 

Communication in a digital workspace takes place virtually. It requires more effort and communication skills to transmit the information with virtual communication. Digital tools help ensure smooth communication without misunderstandings. You can also choose to have video and audio call options. 

Management tactics

Last but not least, the management of physical and digital offices has a significant difference. While managing a physical office, you have more control over the office workflows. You can immediately interact and find rightful solutions to the problems. 

More importantly, several office tasks can be easily completed when in a physical office. For example, the existence of office supplies and machinery ensures flexibility. It is a lot easier to complete clerical work in a physical office, keep your own books in order, manage the documentation, etc. 

In a digital workspace, management takes place digitally. Using tools such as Asana, Trello, and Jira can help you manage the work and employees. Team management requires more effort. You would be organizing team meetings and virtual team buildings to ensure your remote teams bond and contribute to the successful implementation of business deals. 

Wrapping up

Running a digital workspace or a physical workplace depends on the type of the business, offered services or products, and the company’s aim. However, it is good to know the differences between the two to be able to decide the office type. 

The main differences are office types, communication, and management. Based on the company’s needs, you can choose whether to have a digital office and cut off some expenses or have a physical office to ensure more smooth office communication. 

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