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Originally I had planned to publish only one TOP10 tip for Instagram, how do you become successful quickly, how do you get real interaction and more and followers, and what are the Top 4 tips to have more fun on your account.

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Again and again you will find that Instagram rates and decides which pictures of which friends are shown to you at all. Here it is automatically evaluated which pictures you like and even if you don’t like the pictures, it is then evaluated how long you at least look at the picture. The more interaction with the person, the more often you will see their pictures the more pictures, the more interaction. It’s actually quite easy to get started.


The most important thing about Instagram is the pictures. You should upload at least nine pictures to your account before you should worry about followers. Why nine pictures? If someone looks at your profile, they will often decide, based on the visible pictures, whether they find the account interesting and beautiful or not. The profile, which is often also called bio, usually shows nine images at the same time. To be really successful they say that you should upload one to four pictures a day. However, the images must all be very appealing. So it’s not just about quantity, it’s also about quality. So you have to be active every day in order not to be punished by the algorithm and forgotten by the followers. In the other side you can comprar seguidores no Instagram from Getinsta app easily by click on this highlighted link.


The most popular are accounts where you can already guess which picture is to be seen next the same perspectives, the same angles, or special colors. The images are particularly uniform if you use a certain filter. The cooler and lighter the colors, the more popular the pictures are. Filters support a certain mood in the images, which is easier to convince new followers to follow, as long as it looks pretty and positive or dramatic and dreamy. Everyone will find the right filters and editing tools for themselves to create the desired mood in their profile. You should therefore always take a look at your own last pictures in between to see whether they fit together or whether there are pictures that are nice, but simply disturb the entire overview and should be deleted again.


The A5 filter at VSCO is particularly popular with fashion bloggers and fashion bloggers. The filter gives the images a cool touch. It gets a little warmer with the A6 filter, for example. Many like to use VSCO or Snapseed for free editing, although Snapseed does not have a direct filter to choose from, as is known from other apps.

However, you can choose from many editing tools and filters directly on Instagram without additional apps. The cooler and lighter filters such as Clarendon, Juno, Ludwig, and many more are particularly popular here too. However, you should always play a little with the brightness when editing.

Some stick to a filter and quickly know how the background needs to be best in order to get the most beautiful pictures. It is a learning process to find a consistent style. Some then use different filters as long as the basic mood fits together. An example would be, for example, that you shouldn’t give a landscape the same filter as food in order to present both as nicely as possible.

There are also special apps for food pictures on food bloggers, if you only plan to post food, these certainly make sense. In general, food in a mixed stream is rather unpopular with followers – especially when it comes to brown sauces and brown colors – prefer to post a salad, especially if you don’t want to scare vegetarians away.

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With good and big Instagram users and social media stars, no picture goes online without editing. Only with the right processing does a photo from the smartphone become a really nice picture for the followers. Sometimes it’s just small things that have a big effect on whether the viewer likes a picture or not.

A slanted background is often really annoying when taking a landscape picture especially when you see the horizon and the sea. Therefore, always like to adjust and align the image – the apps often do this automatically as soon as you tap the function.

On Instagram, bright pictures always run better than normal pictures, so please always turn up the brightness. To remove the yellow cast from the images, simply change the heat in the image. With Snapseed you can alternatively easily do a white balance, as you know it from large image processing programs on a laptop other apps. With Snapseed you can even create great perspectives in pictures afterward and thus change the viewing angle. For me, Snapseed is an absolute favorite app for Instagram pictures.

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