Top 5 Trending Property Management Systems for 2022

For the complicated hotel’s reservation management and administrative tasks, a PMS system plays an important role. Few of the important functions like channel management, housekeeping, reservations, front-desk operations, payment processing and occupancy managements become easier to complete when we bring PMS systems in use. From managing the human resources management to housekeeping services property management system can assist you in overall hotel-related internal and external operations.

Nowadays, these advanced hotel property management systems are taken into use by small hostels to big hostel chains. With the help of these systems, you can directly check the booking status of the room and take a control over the daily reservations. If you are curious to know more details, click to read more about them. The back-office process management, food and beverage services and tracking room occupation rate becomes more easier for the hotelier while using PMS systems.

Top 5 Leading Property management systems


RMS cloud is one of the leading property management software companies which provide a flexible and scalable technology for the hospitality industry. RMs not only encourages the accommodation businesses but also always tries to remain at the forefront of technology. RMS cloud helps in boosting the revenue with the internal channel manager. Also, managing multiple booking is very easy. Furthermore, this software keeps the costly commissions to a minimal.


Smart BNB is a hotel property management system which unifies all the hotel properties in a single accessible place and enables a proper way of communication with the users for the pre bookings room selections and payments. Also, Smart BNB is one of the most trusted systems by the guests and the owners.


Frontdesk Anywhere provides the customers with a complete hotel property management system solution to run the primary aspects of the business. Booking management, customer interaction, standard and customizable reports, income and reputation management, point-of-sale, and credit card processing all the services are provided by Front Desk Anywhere. For increasing the online sales Frontdesk Anywhere’s PMS has launched a pooled inventory pattern which provides a two-way connectivity to OTAs, GDS, Facebook, TripAdvisor, and various other Internet booking engines.

This software comes with a commission-free Internet booking engine, and appointments across channels are automatically transferred into the system with all channels kept up-to-date. Frontdesk Anywhere is combined with third party industry partners, including revenue management, POS, eConcierge, and eReputation providers. Best part about this software is that it has over 95 payment gateways worldwide.


 Hoteliga is a most famous hotel management software which is completely cloud-based. This performs hotel reservation, invoicing, customer management and revenue control and makes these operations as easy as possible. It also includes support of multi-currency which is a very important aspect for hoteliers and is often overlooked by many hotel companies.


You can save your money by eliminating capital expenditures for property technology by using CLOUD PM, by enhancing your working capabilities and reducing pricey on-property hardware demands. Single or multiple properties can be managed from any location, killing the need for on-site IT resources and servers. Real-time visibility and a statistical summary are provided by the dashboard into guest activity. Flexible rate plans with monthly, day-of-week and day-of-stay are available with rate configurations.

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