Top 50 Linux Interview Questions for Beginners In 2021

Did you know that over 90% of the world’s fastest computers run Linux? Without a question! Linux is a smooth, robust operating system that is favored by technicians. If you’re interested in being a Linux administrator, this is the place to practice for an interview. I’ll cover some of the most frequently asked and significant Linux interview questions and their responses in this post.

A component of a theoretical debate

We will cover the most frequently asked technical questions and principles in this segment of Linux interview questions.

1. What exactly is Linux?

Linux is a free and open-source operating system built on the UNIX operating system. Linus Torvalds was the first to introduce Linux. Linux’s primary objective is to provide a free and low-cost operating system for consumers who cannot afford Windows, iOS, or UNIX.

2. What is the kernel of the Linux operating system? Is it legal to make modifications to the Linux kernel?

The Linux kernel is a term that refers to the operating system’s low-level applications. This is used to control resources and build user-interfaces.

Yes, editing the Linux kernel is legal. Linux is distributed under a permissive license (general public license). Each GPL-licensed project can be updated and edited by the end user.

3. Who or what is Lilo?

Linux Loader is abbreviated as Lilo. Lilo is a Linux boot loader that initially loads the Linux operating system into main memory. The majority of computers come pre-installed with a boot loader for a particular version of Windows or Mac OS. As a result, if you want to use Linux OS, you must install a special boot loader. Lilo is a boot loader.

When the machine boots, the BIOS runs several initialization tests and then passes control to the main boot record. Lilo loaded and started Linux OS from this stage.

The benefit of using Lilo is that it enables a fast-booting Linux operating system.

4. What is the fundamental part of Linux?

The fundamental Linux part is as follows:

Kernel: The kernel is a critical component of the operating system. It is responsible for managing processes and hardware.

Shell: Shell is a command interpreter for Linux.

GUI: GUI is an acronym for graphical user interface, which is another method by which users can communicate with a device. However, unlike the CLI, the GUI utilises pictures, buttons, and text boxes to facilitate interaction.

A system utility is a piece of software that enables users to control computers.

Application programme: a collection of software programmes or a collection of functions used to accomplish specific tasks.

5. On Linux, which shell is used?

On Linux, the most frequently used shellfish is

Again, Bourne Shell is the default shell in the majority of Linux distributions.

KSH: Korn Shell is a high-level shell for the Korn programming language.

CSH: Shell adheres to C’s syntactic rules and offers spell check and job power.

ZSH: Z Shell has many unique features such as automatic file name creation, startup directories, login / logout monitoring, and closing comments.

Fish: Friendly Interactive Shell includes a number of unique features, including web-based setup and automated advice that are not accessible with clean scripts.

6. How much swap space is available?

Swap room is an additional space used by Linux to temporarily accommodate concurrently running programmes when RAM is insufficiently large to handle them. When you run the programme, it is loaded into RAM, which enables the processor to quickly retrieve data. If you run more programmes than RAM can hold, the extra programmes are stored in the swap space. The processor will now perform a search of the RAM and swap space for data.

Linux utilises swap space as a RAM extension.

7. Describe how file permissions work in Linux.

On Linux, there are three distinct types of permissions:

Read: Provides users with the ability to open and read files.

Write: Provides users with the ability to open and edit files.

Allows users to execute files.

You may use ChmodCommand to modify the permissions of files or folders. The CHMOD command operates in two modes:

Mode symbolique

Mode absolue

8. What is an ID inode and how is it processed?

Each file is assigned a unique inode by the operating system. Likewise, the ID process is a unique identifier assigned to each process

9. What is a directory command in Linux?

On Linux, there are five primary directory commands:

PWD: Returns the path to the current job directory.

$ Pwd Syntax

LS: Indicate the existence of all files and directories in the current working directory.

$ LS Syntax:

CD: Used to switch between active job folders.

$ cd PATH to a new directory> Syntax: $ cd PATH to a new directory

Create a new directory with mkdir.

$ mkdir a new directory’s name (and path if necessary)>

rmdir: rm directories

$ rmdir name (and route, if necessary) Directory>

10. What is a virtual desktop environment (VDI)?

Virtual Desktop is a feature that enables users to access desktops that are not physically contained within the confines of the computer. Essentially, Virtual Desktop creates a virtual screen to compensate for the limitations of the physical screen.

There are two ways to incorporate a virtual desktop:

Switch to a different desktop.

In terms of screen switching, you can run the software from a separate virtual desktop. Each virtual desktop will behave independently, and programmed running on each desktop will be accessible only to users who use specific desktops.

Desktops that are too big

Although large desktops do not support discrete virtual desktops, they do allow users to move and scroll across the desktop area that exceeds the physical screen.

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