Top 7 Hot Weather Tolerant Dogs

Dogs come from almost every part of our world. Many of these dogs are adapted to thrive in difficult conditions. Some dogs like cold; other dogs have learned to be great swimmers. Today we look at dogs who are adept at surviving in hot climates.

7 Dogs that Don’t Mind the Hot Weather

Dogs and humans have developed together. This means that there are dogs in pretty much every climate that has people as well. Some breeds have helped humans survive in the most frigid environments known to man.

But today we’re looking at dogs who have developed adaptations to allow them to thrive in very hot climates. What allows a dog to survive the heat? There are many adaptations that can give a dog an advantage when dealing with hot climates. These adaptations would include:

  • Large ears – Having larger ears allows a dog to dissipate heat from its head into the air.
  • No undercoat – Think about the coat a Husky has. They have straight, coarse hairs that protect them from things like burrs. They also have a downy undercoat that insulates them from the cold weather. Most heat-tolerant dogs do not have a double coat so they can dissipate heat from their body more effectively.
  • Elongated legs – While not always the case, Dogs that can survive in heat have longer legs and paws that are protected by hair. The hair helps ensure they do not burn their feet while walking across hot surfaces.
  • Long snouts – You have probably seen any worked-up dog panting. This helps to cool them off since dogs do not sweat as humans do. A longer snout meant that cooler air coming in the body has a longer contact time with their mouth and nasal passage. In turn, they’re better able to blow out the warm air they’ve heated up within their bodies.

Not all heat-tolerant dogs have these adaptations. Some have even had these adaptations bred out of them. This can make it hard to look at a dog and tell if it would do well in the heat. Below we have a list of dog breeds that normally do well in the heat though.

Border Collie

The Border Collie is a great dog for outdoor activities. They have what seems to be an endless amount of energy. Be sure to keep up with them because they are also very intelligent, which can lead to boredom if they are not working.

The Border Collie is a breed that dominates in many sports because they are very loyal, smart, and have a large well of stamina. They would be a great choice if you are a runner, hiker or even for a few rounds of frisbee at a forest preserve.

Australian Cattle Dog

The Australian Cattle Dog is one of the best herders around. They also do well in warm weather. They are used to spending long days in the sun protecting their flock, so you need to be sure to give them enough exercise.

These dogs love long hikes, and they even do well in the rain. They have an oily coat that allows water to simply bead off them. These Cattle dogs are loyal and dedicated to their owners, so they make a great exercise partner.

Airedale Terrier

These terriers love to spend time both on land and in the water. That’s a good thing too because a bored mind can lead to them getting into trouble. The Airedale is a very intelligent dog that will make its own fun if you don’t occupy them.

They also have a very wiry, short coat. This protects them from the sun’s rays but also lets the heat out. If an Airedale is too hot during the summer, you could even cut it a bit shorter during the hottest of times. Once colder weather starts rolling in, let them grow their coat out for a little extra protection.

Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever is a great family dog and consistently ranks amongst the most popular dog breeds by the American Kennel Club. Their friendly demeanor and loving nature make them great for households both big and small.

They also love to have fun in the sun. Swimming, running, and retrieving are just some of the ways they can enjoy their time.

Labrador Retriever

Labs do well in both hot and colder weather. They will happily frolic through snow piles, but they love jumping into the water as well. The breed comes from Newfoundland’s, who are also known for their prowess in the water.

The Lab will love trips to the beach or maybe even cooling off in your pool. Their webbed toes give them an edge in the water, as does their rudder-like tail.

American Foxhound

The American foxhound is one of the few breeds that can draw its roots from the Americas. These energetic dogs were bred by George Washington and used as hunting dogs.

Their short hair coat allows them to let out any excess heat that they will inevitably build up with all the running around they do. They will love space to run but be sure to give them plenty of shade to cool off in as well.

Afghan Hound

The Afghan Hound is a unique breed when it comes to heat tolerance. They have a silken, flowing coat that is thin enough to let heat dissipate. But because they are from a desert climate, their coat helps keep heat in when the night turns cold.

This adaptation makes them a great choice or almost any climate and means that they can live almost anywhere. Just make sure you do a good job grooming them. Without proper care their coat can become matted and take away from their beauty.

Safety First!

Some dogs are just built for the heat. Just remember to use your head though. Because a dog is meant to live in hot climates doesn’t mean they can’t overheat. Excessive panting, dry gums, and increased salivation can all be bad signs. If you notice any of these in your dog, be sure to remove them to a cooler area with plenty of cool water until they return to normal.

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