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Travertine – The Sophisticated Choice for Interior and Exterior Décor

Travertine – the stone of emperors, kings, and aristocrats. It makes every interior look like a palace from times long gone. In addition to choosing between different colors, the travertine surface allows a wide range of coatings, depending on its use. When the stone is in its natural color and sporous state (both in color and texture), we call it “raw coating.” You can check out Montemerano Classico at Saturnia Travertini to see high-quality travertine tiles that can suit any sophisticated interior. 

Of course, it is a well-known fact that a polished coating is a popular choice. With it, you can achieve an inimitable effect of reflection of light and objects, as if it is a mirror. It would also be easy to sustain and clean, so you won’t have to do too much to maintain it.  

Travertine is among the most favorable interior finishes. Along with sophistication, it emphasizes and gives character to the color and texture of your home interior design. You can safely bet on the smooth surface with a more natural look and less shine than the polished finish.

Travertine applications

You are probably interested in all of travertine’s applications. This beautiful stone will surprise you with its implementation. Due to its great flexibility and the wide variety of ways it comes out, the applications of travertine are endless. You can use it for floors, walls, and facades. It is also suitable for countertops, shower trays, and sinks, among other places. 

Interior Walls

Travertine provides harmonious elegance to the interior, especially if it is used on walls. It is one of the best classic coatings as it is adaptable to any decorative interior. That’s why it is a highly desirable alternative to other natural stones like marble. You may see travertine walls in hotels and restaurants. It adds sophistication and character to the interior, instantly reminding us of epic history scenes from the movies. You can also see it as an exclusive decor element in homes in both classic and avant-garde styles. It is suitable for all kinds of interior. It is an evergreen solution for different interior designs, including modern offices and futuristic home decor.

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Indoor Floor

Travertine tiles are very suitable for floor covering; they are clean and easy to maintain. The natural colors of travertine give continuity to the spaces and convey deep tranquility. Its chromatic neutrality also allows combinations with other noble materials in furniture and walls. You can easily combine it with other natural materials like wood and leather in your interior to make it even more sophisticated and aristocratic.

Outdoor Floors

Travertine tiles for exterior flooring are very durable. Made of the highest quality travertine, these tiles are a preferable option for decorating outdoor surfaces (terraces and swimming pools). You can complete almost any type of outdoor project with travertine.


Travertine works very well outdoors because it has all the qualities needed to withstand time and remain the same. It has been used by the ancient Romans precisely because of its rare durability. Travertine tiles are a perfect coating for facades. Especially if they get exposed to ultraviolet radiation and bad weather.

Countertops and Sinks

The waterproof properties of this stone are well-known since decorators use it in kitchens and bathrooms. In the latter, it is recommended to use it as countertops. Although, we can also see the material used even of sinks. If you bet on walls, floors, and countertops of the same material, you can achieve spaces that symbolize tranquility, relaxation, greatness, and sophistication. 

Travertine is a natural stone with a great tradition in construction. Given its flexibility and technical characteristics, it will continue to be a preferable choice for both indoor and outdoor spaces in the future. We have no doubt. This material is eternal.

Like all natural stones, it is not a cheap material. However, there is a difference between different travertine tiles. There are more affordable varieties than others. Tiles with more exotic colors or more obvious diverse shades are more expensive. It is like marble, but there are exceptions. It always depends on the quality and richness of texture. 

Do You like Travertine for Your Interior Space?

So what do you think about travertine for your home interior? Are you convinced yet? Saturnia Travertini offers a great variety of different shades, rich colors, and textures. The tiles offered there are of top quality, and you can be sure that they provide a timeless solution for your interior and exterior spaces. 

To Sum It Up…

You can be sure that travertine is a great timeless solution for your home. You will be able to choose from different shades and finishes. All of them are suitable for different spaces. Some are more suitable for the exterior and others for your interior. Because it is so versatile – Travertine can be used for your walls and flooring in different places like your kitchen, living room, hallway, and bathroom.

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