Vaping is the new normal amongst the youngsters, as it is known to be better than smoking. It is the new “cool” and, more often, a statement piece to own. Brands like vaporesso are extremely popular, as they are easy to use and come in many different flavours that appeal to the younger crowd.

Yes, there are many apprehensions regarding vaping, especially because vapes, like cigarettes, have nicotine, but there are now vapes available that do not include nicotine. There are plenty of people that vape just for the pleasure of sampling the flavours offered, or even to blow some clouds for the fun of it simply.

Factors that affect the flavour of the vape smoke:

There are so many brands, for instance, vaporesso, that offer some excellent quality vapes and even better flavours. But many factors affect the flavours, and for the consumer to better understand why and how these flavours come into existence, the following are a few points:

  • Airflow: One factor that affects the flavour of the vape is airflow. Airflow, in layman terms, is the rate at which the air moves from the coil to the mouth of the consumer. If the airflow in the vape is set to be high, then the consumer will experience vaping with air that is smooth, cool and has less flavour. The other setting is when the consumer sets the airflow to low, and the air that comes out of the coil is warmer, more flavorful and dense.
  • Wattage: Again, the wattage is another factor that helps with the variation in the amount of flavour that reaches the mouth from the coil. Vaporesso vape sticks usually have a setting to adjust the wattage, and the recommended wattage is around 70 watts to enjoy optimum delivery of flavour through the vape.
  • The coils: The critical factor that plays a major role in the flavour of the vape juice. If the coils are used way past their intended time, then the created vape starts acquiring a very foul taste. Hence, it is always recommended to replace the coil before it reaches that stage.
  • The Atomizer: The atomiser is a much better option than the sub-ohm tank for the flavour to be maintained and kept at a reasonable level. It is also essential that the atomiser is cleaned regularly to prevent any build-up of gunk and dirt. This build-up can eventually start affecting the flavour of the vape smoke and can begin making it taste not nice. It is also better to clean it for sanitation and hygiene.

How to find the right flavour juice: 

  • If the consumer wants to experiment with the Vape juice flavors known as e-liquid, they can certainly try the ones with a higher PG (Propylene Glycol) level.
  • PG liquids and VG (Vegetable Glycerin) liquids are perfect when it comes to adding flavours. They also help enhance cloud creations.
  • There are many vape juice flavours that certain past nicotine users prefer, as they experience smoking a cigarette. These liquids have a tobacco taste that often mimics a famous cigarette brand.
  • There are so many good flavours that incorporate the “ice” feeling in it. They are nothing but liquids that have menthol in them, creating the cool ice effect during the smoke.
  • There are so many other flavours that are very popular amongst the younger crowd. Some of these flavours include flavours of candy custard, fresh fruits, ice cream and much more, blended with a bit of tobacco flavour to get the complete experience.
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