What do tactics mean in basketball?

Tactics play a major role in basketball, as they often determine whether a team wins or loses the game. But what exactly do tactics mean in basketball?

The term tactics in basketball encompasses all organized attack and defense measures that are used by players to achieve a specific goal. A basic distinction can be made between defensive tactics (defense) and offensive tactics (attack). In addition, a distinction can be made again between the pre-tactics and the team tactics:

  • The preliminary tactics describe the moves in attack and defense that are only played by certain players in a team.
  • With team tactics, all five players will try to achieve a certain goal together at the same time.

Through the targeted application of various tactics, the team can gain decisive advantages in basketball, which can ultimately lead to winning the match.

Basic knowledge of basketball tactics

In order to understand the tactical moves in basketball, basic terms should first be clarified. Here you will find out everything you need to know about the field, the zone and the player positions so that you can become a tactical expert like NBA 중계 players.

The playing field

Basketball is always played on a rectangular playing field with a hard surface. The playing field itself is divided by different circles, lines and zones, each of which has its own function. In the following infographic we have marked the most important lines and areas on the basketball field for you.

The zone

The playing field is basically divided into different zones. The so-called “zone” is only the area that is located in the white trapezoid under the baskets and extends to the free-throw line. It plays an important role in attack and defense. The following applies in the zone: Players of the attacking team may not stay in it for more than three seconds continuously. Other names for the zone are “Paint” because the area is usually marked in color, or “Key” because the shape looks a bit like a key when viewed from above.

The player positions

In order to understand the tactical possibilities in basketball, one should first deal with the different positions of the players. Important to know: In basketball there is no division of certain players into attack and defense, as is the case, for example, in football or handball. All five players on the field must be able to attack and defend. Nevertheless, the field players are usually primarily responsible for one task. Since the inception of basketball, players have been divided into attackers (“forwards”) and defenders (“guards”).

In basketball there are always five players on the field at the same time. There are also up to seven substitutes who can change as often as you like. The starting grid in basketball is called the Starting Five. Today, the five field players usually take the positions of a center, two forwards (wing or attacking players) and two guards (defensive or support players). This positioning of the players is also known as a 2-1-2 formation. However, other starting positions are also possible, for example the deployment of three guards.

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