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What does it mean to be an expert in search engine optimization?

Search engine optimization gives us the possibility to improve our positioning in the main search engines (Google, Bing and Yahoo), reaching the top positions in order to attract more customers for our business. Generally search engines offer several ways to position our website on the internet: natural results which is called natural positioning and other pay per click positioning. The positioning of pay per click basically is to define a series of ads, which will appear in different positions of the google page according to some search criteria and a cost for each click as say consultor seo.

The higher the cost per click, the higher the ad will appear. The natural positioning is to obtain organically the first positions of google, according to the criteria defined by google that currently uses more than 200 different variables to determine if a web page deserves the first positions. Basically the difference for the client between the two types of web positioning (natural positioning and pay per click positioning) is that the pay per click positioning, google is paid every time an internet user clicks on the ad, regardless of whether you buy or hire any service on the website. And in natural positioning are free visits or free of cost, that generally the web pages positioned naturally in google have more reputation than the pages positioned by pay per click.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) means search engine optimization or also as search engine optimization, and aims to improve the position of our website in the organic results of search engines.

First of all you should know that SEO is Search Engine Optimization, that is to say: Search Engine Optimization. You need a professional SEO company Therefore, a SEO expert is one of the most demanded web specialists, because he is among the most important specialists in web positioning.

So it is the professional who is in charge of defining the most convenient strategy for your website and its positioning in search engines, creates the strategy oriented to a target and defines the actions that will compose such strategy, in order to guarantee the results.

In fact, he is also a specialist in SEO and SEM specialist, so he not only recognizes the strategies for search engine positioning organically, but through mechanisms such as paid advertising on Google, achieving that the target audience that accesses the advertising is qualified and thus generate better traffic to your website.

SEO is the process of ensuring the positioning of a website in search engines. In simple terms, SEO manages to improve the visibility of a website or web page. Also, make sure your content is unique, creative and relevant.

SEO is very important for everyone and especially for small and medium sized businesses that have fewer resources and need to have relevant and qualified traffic for their business.

How much does an SEO Expert cost?

This question is very relative, they usually charge by the hour. It is always advisable to ask for a quote before, you do not lose anything and then you can decide if you can afford it or not. Our prices are very affordable, since we take all kinds of companies, freelancers, teenagers who have an idea and want to see if it works on the Internet etc.. Logically it depends on the work to be done in each case. What to take into account in a SEO budget

There are factors for google that are very important when it comes to positioning a website in google such as Page Rank, which is a technology patented by google and determines a value depending on the links that point to a web page.

What knowledge should an SEO specialist have?

The seo technician must have a wide range of knowledge, because that way he will have more options regarding the strategy he will define for the positioning of your website.

He must know the principles of SEO On Page and Off Page. Knowing what should be the structure of the links of your site, what should be the structure of the site itself, what are the keywords to be positioned in order to generate good traffic.

In the same way, a seo positioning specialist needs to know how to study the competition, which are the tools that will allow him to know the keywords of the competition, the Page Rank and all the data that will allow him to have relevant information to organize the seo actions.

Another of the knowledge must be around the Backlinks, without Banklinks positioning is difficult, you must know the types, where to get quality inbound links, how to make link exchanges, among other related things.

An SEO expert must be a positioning artist, have all the knowledge that allows him to take your website to the top of the search engine results.

He must know how search engines behave, the principle of algorithms, know the reasons for penalties, and the actions to avoid to be a victim of a penalty.

Does my company need an SEO expert?

The answer to this question is a strong yes, you need a company specialized in SEO.

If your company has a website, you need an expert in positioning, and if it does not have a website, you urgently need the design and programming of one, and the services of a seo specialist so that it can ensure the positioning in search engines.

Without a well positioned website the chances of conversions are low. Remember that nowadays users go through search engines before making a purchase.

Google and social networks have become the main source of information for customers before making a purchase decision.

If your company is not found in the results, you will hardly be able to have a traffic of potential customers, therefore your sales will be condemned to remain and not increase.

What are the functions of an SEO Manager.

Well, we have talked enough about positioning as one of the main objectives of the seo specialist, but what other functions does he/she have?

Here are the functions of an SEO Manager:

Generator of quality content.

The entire seo team must fulfill the function of generating quality content, oriented to a target audience and positioning.

Nowadays, content is king, which means that without content nothing is possible in digital marketing. Search engines read content, Google ranks good content, users get hooked on content.

A seo manager can manage the content, i.e. direct a team to create it based on the keywords and features determined for the positioning of the website, or he can generate it himself.

Ensure a good user experience.

Although this is a direct function of a web programmer, the seo specialist must also fulfill it through the content.

User experience is not only about the interface and menus of a web page, but also about the information they find.

If the information is relevant, then the user experience is positive because they find what they need and this makes them want to come back to continue exploring and find out what’s new.

Create strategies.

Thirdly, a seo Manager must participate in the formulation of the digital strategy, we must take into account that as an analyst, because the seo expert must analyze data to know if the content is being effective, he knows very well the behavior of users on the web.

So he is also a strategist, he has the ability to know what can be offered to the potential customer, how the offer can be presented and what values should be highlighted.

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